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Dianabol 10 - Gentech labs

Dianabol 10 - Gentech labs

  • Manufactured by: Gentech Labs

Price:   £30.00

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Details: Dianabol 10 is highly anabolic with a moderate androgenic nature. It is comprised of the active steroidal hormone Methandrostenolone yet generally carries the popular trade name Dianabol.

This steroid is well suited for gains strength as well as size. Dianabol action through the androgen receptors greatly and dramatically increases protein synthesis and glycogenolysis, much more so than most other anabolic steroids and at a much faster rate.

Dianabol 10 (Methandrostenolone) tablets can cause serious side effects, even when taken at recommended doses, so many users take measures to try to mitigate or reverse the side effects.

Dianabol 10 tablets using in the recommended dosages, users can expect impressive increases in strength and will notice a more rapid recovery from workouts and a faster rate of healing.

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