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Testomastren 400 - ISIS Pharma

Testomastren 400 - ISIS Pharma

  • Manufactured by: ISIS Pharma

Price:   £55.00

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Testosterone 400 is the strongest blend of 3 long acting, long chain ester Tests. This contains 400mg per ml of various Esters being Test Enan 200mg, Tren Enan 100 mg and Masteron Enan 100 mg and packaging for Isis Labs looks fantastic, very professional looking.
Testosterone 400 will increase nitrogen retention in the muscle with any testosterone. There are reports of increasing IGF-1 in the muscle tissue and liver. It is also has an active role in repairing exercised damaged muscle tissue through satellite cell activity.
Testosterone 400 has the design most closely resembles that of Testoviron, containing a mix of rapid and medium/slow acting esters. The only difference between the enanthate/propionate blend of Testoviron and Testomastren 400 are the dosages of the esters, and the addition of testosterone cypionate.
With no visible distinction, Testosterone levels peak and drop in parallel with these two agents, testosterone cypionate with enanthate. In Testomastren 400, having propionate and all cypionate would be totally indistinct from having propionate and all enanthate.
Testosterone 400 is almost worth the pain because of it's ability to increase muscle mass and strength while cutting fat. You'll get amazing results but you're going to hold some water. You'll get big size and big results at a low price. You'll get a bit of water retention from this blend but you'll also be making quality gains while you're on it so the results will last.

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