Tren Ace 100 Gentech Labs


Pharmaceutical Name: Trenbolone Acetate
Pack: 10ml Vial (100mg/ml)

Tren Ace (Trenbolone Acetate) is one of the best strength enhancing steroids that has both androgenic and anabolic properties.

Its ability to increase aggression or assertiveness and the alpha-male mind-set are almost unparalleled, being equalled only by Halotestin. This steroid pairs well with nearly all AAS and can be put to good use in both the off-season and pre-contest.

It also has the ability to rapidly clear the system. This can be a benefit for those individuals who begin to experience uncomfortable side effects, as they will generally dissipate within just a few days of the final injection.

It has proven nutrient repartitioning capabilities and has no equal in terms of fat loss making it rank at the very top of the list.

Active Life: 2-3 days
Average Dose: 200-700mg per week


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