Year-End Lessons for a Better, more Muscular You!

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You may have learned some good and some bad things regarding your bodybuilding goals this year – be it from the Internet or from your gym ‘brofessors’. Before the year ends, we’d like to help fuel your gains so that a bigger and better you can welcome in the New Year!

Do not Train Too Long

Don’t listen to what others might say about the length of your work out; listen to what your body is telling you! The longer you work out, the more your body releases cortisol – from extended workouts that are over 45-60 minutes. This contributes to greater muscle breakdown.

Remember to limit your routines to 60-90 minutes and then leave the gym and start recovering!

Wait for the Results

Frustration is sometimes inevitable when results don’t come as quickly as you had imagined they would. Perseverance is the key! Grind on with your bodybuilding routines and the gains will surely follow!

You can buy steroids online in the UK and these will help the process along. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and an intense exercise program, you will bulk up in no time.

Do not Train without a Solid Meal Plan

Intense training with a poorly-constructed diet only equates to zero results. Aside from a good exercise programme and proper supplementation, food is still considered the most critical for gains.

Commit yourself to a well-structured meal plan and routine and you will SURELY get the results you want!

Eating Small Meals Every 3 Hours is Only a Myth

Tread lightly when you read or hear about the 3-4-hour eating approach… it’s a TRAP! Just eat your macros, protein, carbs and fats in the correct amounts and you will be on your way to ‘Gainsville!’

What matters most is the total calories you need to eat per day and a meal plan that works best for you!

Hit-It-Twice-a-Week Over ‘Bro-Splits’

Many bodybuilders have been practicing the same ‘Chest/Triceps – Monday, Back/Triceps – Tuesday and Legs/Shoulders – Wednesday’ weekly routines for years – and that is what ‘bro-splits’ is all about.

It’s time to break the cycle and maximise your muscle growth by hitting every body part twice a week! This approach promises to give you more solid results – go ahead and try it!

Set yourself apart from your fellow gym goers – who tend to slack off over the Christmas period. Let Steroid Central UK be your perfect bodybuilding partner and together we can finish the year in style!