What to Consider when Choosing a Personal Trainer

If you’re looking to get fit, then using a personal trainer could be the way forward. A personal trainer can devise a tailored exercise plan to meet your specific goals, while taking into account your current health and fitness levels.

Personal trainers don’t come cheap, so it’s vital you get your money’s worth, but also obtain the desired results. Therefore, choosing the right personal trainer is critical. Here are some essential things to think about before making that all-important decision.

Personal Trainer

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A good starting point for choosing a personal trainer is to ask around. Find out if any friends or family can recommend one, or put a few feelers out at the gym. Bear in mind though that while personal opinions count, everyone has different needs when it comes to exercising. A personal trainer will only be worth their salt if they can tailor a plan to meet your own requirements and goals.



Even if a personal trainer sounds convincingly good, it’s important that they can back their claims up with evidence. Enquire what qualifications, training and experience a potential candidate has, and if they’re on relevant registers, such as the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) or the National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT). This ensures the trainer has the appropriate qualifications and standards to practice.


Assess your needs

When choosing a personal trainer, assess how much time they take getting to know your individual needs. They should be asking lots of questions about your existing health and fitness levels, as well as finding out what you want to achieve from sessions. Gathering this information will enable a trainer to customise an exercise plan that suits you. Any personal trainer that launches into an exercise regime without taking the time to understand your needs first is unlikely to maximise your goal potential. Additionally, if you have a specific health issue, make sure the trainer is equipped to deal with this.


Personality matters

Choosing a personal trainer is more than just looking at what qualifications or experience they have or how they can help you. The trainer should also be someone you feel comfortable with, and has the right skills to motivate and encourage you.


Trial session

In order to get to know a personal trainer and find out whether they’re a good fit, choose one that offers a free or discounted trial session before you commit any further. You should never feel forced into signing any contracts until you’re happy that the personal trainer can offer you just what you need.



There are also many practical considerations to think about before deciding which personal trainer is the one for you. Can they fit into your existing lifestyle, are they able to offer fixed sessions or flexible ones to suit your needs, and can you get the training where and when you want it?



A good personal trainer should provide you with regular feedback so that your exercise schedule can be adjusted as you progress, or if you need to work on different areas. Setting goals is important to boost your motivation, but be cautious of any trainer who promises fast results. It takes time to get fit, and a decent trainer won’t need to lure you in with unrealistic expectations that will only dent your confidence further down the line.