Three Different Types of Strength


As a significant workout goal to complete a fitness plan, increasing muscle strength is one of the main reasons for starting an exercise routine. To attain such a strength-based objective, the specific types of strength must be defined.

Explosive Strength

Producing the maximum force in a short period of time, explosive strength involves lengthening muscles followed by a rapid shortening phase. This focuses on how quickly you can move through a range of motion (ROM).


  • Improves motor unit recruitment speed and enhances intramuscular coordination
  • Reduces reaction time
  • Improves muscle and connective tissue resilience
  • Activates Type II muscle fibres

Maximum Strength

Mostly obtained by bodybuilders and strongman competitors, this type of strength is the highest level of muscle force that the body can produce as it is demonstrated during powerlifting, squatting, deadlifting and bench pressing. To create maximum effect, a specific muscle or group of muscles must use all its units – requiring high levels of neuromuscular efficiency to boost both intra and inter-muscular coordination.


  • Activates fast twitch muscle fibres – capable of generating high levels of force
  • Increases muscle-building hormones and bone density
  • Improves performance in daily activities and sports

Speed Strength

The main objective of athletes, speed strength is the ability to exert a lot of force in a high-speed movement or with fast changes of direction during sports matches. It’s normally applied when throwing a baseball or swinging a golf club.


  • Minimises reaction time
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Reduces stretch-shorten cycle time

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