The Importance of Eating Breakfast

Breakfast is frequently touted as the most important meal of the day. Yet, surprisingly, recent research suggests that almost half of Britons fail to eat breakfast, often citing lack of time or hunger.

Eating Breakfast

Finding time to eat in the morning is really important. The nutrients gained from a healthy breakfast can set you up for the day, sustaining energy and concentration levels right through until lunchtime. Many of the food options eaten at breakfast such as fruit, wholemeal bread, eggs and wholegrain cereals are bursting with essential vitamins and minerals. In fact, many cereals are fortified with a wide range of nutrients that can help to ensure you don’t miss out on what your body needs.


Research has also proved that eating breakfast can help you to control your weight. By eating regular meals, including breakfast, you form good habits. This means you’re less likely to binge eat during the day, when hunger cravings finally get the better of you.


It has also been shown that those who eat a healthy breakfast tend to have lower levels of bad cholesterol, which is good news for your heart health.


More than anything, eating breakfast balances your blood sugar levels, which can prevent you from feeling faint or suffering from headaches. It can also help to keep your mood on an even keel, so breakfast is really important for those who are prone to feelings of anxiety or depression.


Even if you’re pushed for time, you should still include breakfast into your daily routine. You don’t have to spend hours preparing a lavish feast, as there are plenty of quick and simple options that can deliver your morning nutrients. At the very least, a banana, bowl of natural yoghurt and chopped nuts, or slice of wholemeal toast should do the trick, but there are many other healthy ideas to choose from. If you’re feeling stuck for inspiration, look through a recipe book and try to plan your meals ahead, so you don’t end up making unhealthy choices.


To save time in the morning, prepare your breakfast the night before. Whizz up a protein or fruit smoothie and store it in the fridge, or prepare some Bircher muesli by mixing grated apple, oats and nuts, and soaking them in apple juice or water overnight.


To keep you feeling fuller for longer, include foods rich in protein. Eggs are a great example – they are perfect for eating first thing in the morning. Plus, they’re brimming with nutrients.


Be wary of what you choose for breakfast, as there are a surprising number of unhealthy options out there. Many cereals and so-called breakfast bars, for example, are laden with sugar and fat, and will only serve to keep you energised for a short while before the inevitable slump kicks in.


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