The 5 most inevitable aspects of quick muscle building

Building a muscular physique is the dream of every person, hitting the gym on a daily basis. Ask any regular gym goers about his purpose of bodybuilding and the obvious answer will be gaining big muscles. But when asked about the planning and execution to achieve that goal, majority of them were clueless. This is a very important aspect of bodybuilding. Along with deciding what to achieve, deciding on the fact of how to achieve is also very important.

Many people have a concept that building big muscle mass is a problematic task, but it is actually not if you follow the proper technique. With a little consistency and the will of challenging the limit may help you reach to your goal. Trust me, I have gone through the same situation and I have understood that how you do your exercise is more important than what you do in your exercise schedule. There is a common propensity seen among the gym goers that is lift first and learn last. This is a deadly habit and if you are a victim of this habit, you should immediately change that habit.

Step 1

Create Your Own Goals of Achievement

Regardless of your genetic physical appearance, you should always keep in mind that building muscle mass is a timely process. And you have to give that time to your body that your body requires. Gaining muscle mass may seem to be a distant dream but with proper technique and a disciplined training schedule, anybody can achieve big muscles.

But the first thing that is required is the GOAL. Without a pre-decided goal, it is very easy to get carried away with the flow. So, you have to have that patience and mental stability to push yourself saying “I must do that”. Hurrying up during the process may bring some adverse impacts in the body. This is more like climbing a rock where anyone tries to speed things up, he/she will end up cause risk for the body.

Along with the exercise, eating is also very important. Improper diet can make things confusing and disadvantageous. It is very easy to get carried away but if you can show persistence, you will surely become a gainer. The motivation is the only thing that can keep you in track.

Be very specific about your goals. If your dream is to lose weight, you are more likely to get confused after some point of time but if your goal is to lose 5 pounds in 4 weeks, you will never become distracted by any other obstacles. So, first of all, you need to decide your goals and then the training process. Assistance of a genuine trainer is helpful in this case.

Set your goals first before starting your bodybuilding program

Step 2

Keep an Eye on the Measurements and Improvements

Finding out the right measurements of your physique is important. The idea may be daunting for the beginners but believe me this will be a great help for your bodybuilding process. In order to realize how far you have you have come, you need to know where you started from. And the best concept is to break the goal in many small goals. Like if you have started preacher curl, you should first try to do 5 reps each in every set. Then you should increase the level gradually like 3 sets of 10 reps then 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps. You should proceed like this. Divide your goal in different segment.

Strength Goal

                Strength goal can be measured anyway. Track the strength you are using for each and every work out. Do this practice for  days, weeks or months. And once you start noticing the improvement on the mirror, this will motivate you for more hard    work.

Tape Measurements

                This is very important in bodybuilding. First of all, have a measurement of all your body parts like chest, arms, biceps, shoulder, squads etc. Now set a sensible goal that is achievable. Don’t always follow the impossible bodybuilding lines on   books and on magazines.

Step 3

Eat Heavy

The connection between nutrition and bodybuilding has always been very important. Both these contexts are interrelated. You will not see any muscle gain unless you eat proper food and on the other hand, you will not see the improvement with only following proper diet. You have to carry on these two things on a daily basis. In fact, your food is the factor that makes you different from other bodybuilders.

Another very important aspect that is related to foods is the energy balance in the body. This is a very important part because any sort of energy imbalance may cause restoration of fat in the body. And in order to maintain this balance, you have to intake proper calorie depending on your fat burning capability. If the quantity of calorie you burn everyday through exercise is less than what you eat daily, that extra calorie will be stored in the body as fat.

Whatever kind of food we eat, we gain some calorie. The best calorie meter for the bodybuilder is 55% calorie from Carbohydrates, 35% calorie from protein and 10% calorie from protein. And another important thing is the frequency of eating. For more efficient outcomes, you have to split your food in 5 to 6 separate meals. The motto is to eat frequently and eat less.

Step 4

Vary Your Reps

The physical structure of different individual is different from each other and obviously this requires different physical training program. The muscle gaining program of one individual may not suit other. But the thing that is applicable to everyone is the reps range. There is a standard confusion seen among the bodybuilders especially among the beginners that what the best way of muscle bulk is. Is it fewer reps with heavy weights or is it more reps with comparatively less weight?

The standard rep range that maintains the hypertrophy is 6 to 12. If your aim is strength gain, the rep range will be 1 to 6 reps and more than 12 reps up to 18 to 20 reps at a time ensure muscle bulk up. Now, when the reps are almost decided, if you want to build more muscle or more strength, you have no choice but to increase the weight.

One can imagine our body with a balloon. When we blow air inside the balloon for the first time, it takes a bit time to get pumped up. But from the next time onwards, it becomes much easier. The same happens for our body as well. When our muscles get stretched for once, it becomes easier from the next time to pump up the muscles.

Another very important thing that is often ignored in bodybuilding is stretching. It helps in muscle bulk up in a large way but unfortunately, bodybuilders don’t give much importance to this important aspect. This relaxes the muscles and makes them enable to bear the pressure.

Step 5

Make Use of Supplements or Steroids

There is another completely different aspect of bodybuilding that is the use of supplements or steroids. A number of bodybuilding, muscle building steroids are available in the market like Anadrol. This is one of the most powerful bodybuilding steroids available in the present time. Proper use of these substances is extremely useful for human body. Presently, majority of the bodybuilders use these substances for their physical benefits. The only negative aspect of these substances is the legal concern on the use. Steroids are not allowed for use without any recommendation. This is why users now purchase steroids from online stores since prescription is not required while buying from online.

The popularity of online steroid stores is increasing day by day for the simple reason that it has provided many normal young boys the opportunity to achieve a great physique. This is an equal opportunity to everybody.

Hopefully, this discussion will help you understand that bulking up muscles is nothing impossible. Anybody and everybody can achieve that with the dedication to work hard and persistence. So, start working hard from today and I promise you within the next few months, you will be amazed with your own physique.

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