Testosterone does play a role among the women at their menopausal

There has always been a contradiction regarding the usefulness of steroids among the normal people. While some people believe that using steroids can be advantageous for health, others have the belief that these elements are useless and cause detrimental impacts on the body. Though, the confusion is not much relevant in the sports or bodybuilding field because almost every sports person these days use different kinds of steroids for their physical advantage.

However, despite all the misconceptions and lack of knowledge, it is now clearly proved that the use of steroids does not necessarily cause detrimental impacts in the body. Rather it is often seen that the use of steroids bring various positive impacts in the body.

Steroids are basically a synthetic form of Testosterone, we all know this. Almost all kinds of steroids are made to imitate the functions of Testosterone in the body. This is the reason why the men who suffer from Testosterone deficiency prefer using these artificial Testosterones. So far what we have known is Testosterone is only suitable for men and it is used for upholding the health benefits of men only.

However, the recent studies and incidents are indicating at something else.

According to the reports, the application of Testosterone can be advantageous for women as well which was quite unknown to us. Jane Fonda the famous American actress and writer and political activist admitted in one of her interview that she had been using Testosterone for boosting her sexual life. She says, “If you want to remain sexual and your libido has dropped, taking a small dose of the libido-boosting hormone testosterone makes a huge difference”.

Increase in libido among the women is aided by Testosterone


It is already proven by several medical studies that men should maintain a steady Testosterone level for proper body functions. Even Testosterone therapy among the aged men has been proved to be successful for maintaining the energy level and the overall well being.

But the importance of this hormone among the women has never been given any serious thought. The levels of female hormones Progesterone and Oestrogen is only regarded as important for women health. But many women along with some experts have started believing the importance of this hormone. In fact, it is now proved that it is the lack of Testosterone that causes women ageing problems like fatigue, weight gain, lose of mental focus, irritation, reduced bone density etc.

Such problems are mostly seen among the women who have reached their menopause. A proven and authentic testosterone therapy may prove to be useful at this stage but women are not always confident to buy Testosterone. They have a wrong perception that this will cause breast cancer.

Generally what we see is in the cases of menopausal problems doctors usually prescribe oestrogen and progesterone. This obviously improves some problems but that is nothing compared to the main problem. But if these problems are treated with testosterone therapy, the large part of the problems which are loss of libido, energy loss, and reduced bone density can be treated.  This also improves vaginal dryness and diminishes the possibilities of osteoporosis. A very important factor I should mention here that medical studies in 2010 have revealed that testosterone therapy doesn’t increase the chance of breast cancer rather it reduces the possibility.

Controlled studies have shown that increased level of testosterone among the women of all ages can restore the level of libido and increases the frequency of fantasies related to sex. The key reason behind the sexual dysfunction among the women is the lower level of Testosterone. It is proved in studies conducted by Prof. Susan Davis of Monash University that a lower dosage of 5mg testosterone can bring back the normal level of testosterone among the post menopausal women.

Here comes the concern of purchasing Testosterone. With the increased accessibility of internet, purchasing any kind of steroids is not a very big deal. Testosterone is available in different forms like gels, capsules, tablets, injections, creams, patches etc. Most of the physicians don’t have any problem in prescribing this steroid. And most importantly, it is available through online without any prescription. Though, women do find it a bit difficult to purchase this steroid at times but with proper information, they too can successfully buy testosterone.

The most important thing of all is the application. Always consult with a genuine physician before deciding the dosage since this may differ according to age and physical condition of the user.

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