Tech trends to help reduce stress

The rapid rise of digital technology can play havoc with our stress levels according to recent studies. Yet, far from inciting stress, some tech innovations may actually help to reduce feelings of tension, worry and anxiety. Here are some tech trends that may keep your stress levels on an even keel.

Wearable tech

© Andrey Popov / Adobe Stock

Organisation and planning tools

Stress levels often soar when we feel overwhelmed by too many tasks and not enough time to get things done. This is where software and apps that help you to get organised and plan better step in to help. There are plenty to choose from, so pick one that best meets your needs. Some tools provide calendars where you can schedule activities and set reminders so you don’t miss important deadlines, targets or appointments.


Health apps

There’s no shortage of health apps available that let you manage various aspects of your life that may contribute to stress. Apps that focus on mindfulness and meditation, for example, are especially popular. There are also apps available that can track your mood and breathing, provide self-help tips for cognitive behavioural therapy, offer inspirational quotes and even mindfulness colouring.


Parental control devices

It’s natural to worry about kids as they grow older and are exposed to the internet, but a range of apps and devices are available that can help to ensure kids stay safe online. Apps can filter websites, monitor content, set timers and track locations, easing the minds of fraught parents. A wrist sensor and app has also been developed that monitors stress levels and gives coping strategies to parents of children with ADHD. The sensor works by detecting changes in the skin, associated with different emotions.


Smart tech for the home

When you’re away from home, it’s easy to worry about the security of your dwelling. But even stressing over whether you forgot to turn a switch off or the whereabouts of your cat can put you on edge. Thankfully, there’s now a raft of smart technology that lets you stay in control of your property when you’re not there. By using remote functions, you can check your home’s security status, turn switches on or off and even lock the cat flap – all helping to make your life that bit more stress-free.


Wearable tech

Fitness trackers are all the rage, but a new breed of wearable tech devices can now monitor how you feel to help keep stress levels to a minimum. These include devices that measure your breathing and respiration rates and provide advice or guided breathing sessions if high-stress levels are detected. Some cutting-edge wearables even deliver waveforms to the brain via an app and eye mask, activating specific nerves that encourage a sense of calm. Others can even deliver feedback on your brain’s activity when you meditate.

Taking wearable technology to a new level, a jacket has also been developed that contains electronics that activate pressure-point massages on the back. Whereabouts on your back you want massaging and the level of intensity can all be controlled by the wearer via a connected app. This can help to reduce stress and tension after a hard day’s work, and can even be put to good use on your commute home!