The Right Menu for Workout Success

The Right Menu for Workout Success - Steroid Central UK

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is a big part of your workout routine, as the food you eat not only provides all the nutrients you need, it also supplies the energy and strength that is essential for your muscles.

Discover the significance of a balanced diet and consider our food recommendations for different workout stages!

Importance of Having the Right Menu

The standard calorie recommendation is 2,500 kcal a day for men and 2,000 kcal for women; however, this will depend on how much exercise you need to do and the results you’re trying to achieve. As we have to supply our body with the proper food for good health, it’s important to have the right menu when it comes to exercising – as we will need a lot of energy to achieve maximum performance.

Treating Yourself

Working out doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop yourself from indulging – it’s not meant to make your eating habits miserable. Instead, it must be a more balanced and healthier system. Some people don’t eat before a session – this is why they feel unwell when they are working out. It is always recommended that you prepare for the intensity of your training by filling in your stomach.


The food you consume before your workout is important, as this will determine the amount of energy you will have throughout your session. Eat meals three to four hours before you exercise or help yourself with light low-fat snacks that can digest quickly. Include plenty of carbohydrates, a moderate amount of protein and some fibre in your diet. Remember that nutrients increase blood glucose that prevents stomach problems – they also help your body to recover during the post-exercise period.

What do we recommend?

  • Chicken sandwich
  • Porridge
  • Cereal or energy bar
  • Fruits
  • Yogurt or non-dairy alternatives

During Exercise

The amount of food you need during this stage depends on the duration of your exercise but don’t forget that you should always include plenty of water. A session that takes less than an hour primarily needs water only. For longer workouts, you should consider having snacks that are quick to digest, rich in carbohydrate and with some electrolytes such as salts and minerals. This will help to supply glucose to your working muscles.

What do we recommend?

  • Glass of milk
  • Banana
  • Cereal or sports bar
  • Dried fruit


Perhaps post-exercise is the perfect time to reward yourself with the food you want to eat but you should also consider some careful procedures before you dig in. As you can eat 30 minutes after your exercise session, remember that carbohydrates and protein are important at this stage, as these will serve as refuelling – especially if you work out several times a day.

What do we recommend?

  • Bananas
  • Low fat chocolate milk
  • Fruit or yoghurt smoothie
  • Salad

Sticking to a well-observed plan is important, especially since one of the best ways to achieve workout success is by eating food which contains the right nutrients needed for any particular exercise. Tough workout procedures and a proper menu will surely help you to achieve the maximum benefits. For further assistance, buy steroids online in the UK from Steroid Central UK and see satisfying results!