Reasons to join a running club

Whether you’re new to running or you’ve been pounding the pavements for some time, chances are at some point you might consider joining a running club. Here’s why this might well be a positive thing.


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Meet like-minded people

Joining a running club of any type or style is a great way to socialise and make new friends with people who share your passion for keeping fit. Running alongside others will also make the activity more pleasurable, encouraging you to stick at it.



Whether you’re into competitive racing or ambling along at a leisurely pace, there’s bound to be a running club that suits your personal preferences and abilities. While some clubs put the emphasis on training for race events, others may focus on the social side of things, so pick a style of club that suits you the best. Another thing to consider is that some clubs charge a membership fee, while others may be free, so it’s an activity that’s open to anyone, no matter what their budget.

Joining a running club will also add variety to your running repertoire. You’re likely to run in places or routes that you perhaps wouldn’t normally go to.



Running with others is a great way to spur and motivate each other on, but you’re also much more likely to keep at it. If other members are relying on you to turn up to weekly sessions, it’s harder to talk yourself out of it compared to running solo.


Challenge yourself

When you’ve only got yourself to run against, it’s harder to keep yourself challenged, but jogging alongside others will help to keep you on your toes as far as performance is concerned. Just make sure that if you do buddy up with other running club members during sessions that you don’t try to run against someone who is way out of your league, otherwise you could end up quickly burnt out or sporting an injury. On the other hand, don’t run alongside someone who is much slower than you, otherwise you’ll lose your own pace fast.


Improve your technique and style

Running clubs give you access to trained coaches who can teach you how to run correctly and improve your technique and style. This is great news if you’re looking to smash your personal bests, or simply maximise your potential to keep fit without causing any injuries. Coaches may also provide you with wider information, such as nutrition and health tips or training ideas and plans, to send your fitness and workouts to the next level.


Access to race events

When you join a running club, you might get exclusive access and discounts to running events, which could save you money. You might also get to hear about race events or running courses that you hadn’t been aware of before.



Many people might be put off taking up running as they worry about safety issues, such as running in the dark or in secluded areas on their own. The beauty of joining a running club is that you’ve got safety in numbers, so you can run safely together no matter what the time of day or night, or however isolated the location.