Rachel – Journey from Fitness Lover to Fitness Freak

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Rachel working out

Hello, this is Rachel. I’m a national level athlete in the UK. I have been taking parts in various events for over years and have achieved success in many of those. I’m a fitness freak and crazy about staying in the right shape all the time.

Once I was asked by someone that how have I been maintaining such a toned physique for over the years? Being a professional athlete, this needs no mention that I must be in proper shape but, frankly speaking, it’s not an easy task. Initially, I started working out keeping the target of burning the extra calories in my mind, it was simple fitness training at first and this works fine to prepare your body for the heavy tasks. My schedule included;

  • Regular for 15 days:
  • Warm up
  • Push ups
  • Sit ups
  • Pull ups
  • Some acrobats

It was giving me results and within that 15 days period of time I prepared my body and achieved the required flexibility to jump for the next step. I was handed over another 15 days program including warm ups, upper abs crunch, lower abs crunch, light power weight training etc. and at this stage I had to struggle a lot with the schedule and that had been extended for another two weeks. Results were not coming out though. I heard about steroids but I had few misconceptions about the substances which took me a little long to make its effects visible on my body.

However, I was then introduced with Anavar. Now I know that it is one of the most popular and effective cutting steroids in the entire world but at that time, I was bit dubious about the effects. It took the change right from the next week and I was feeling the change. The substance provides a very effective protein synthesis in the body and prevents the storage of extra fats. All my extra fats and calories started removing and gradually, I started to gain the desired shape. In athletics, you cannot entertain having an inch of extra fat in the body.

I still use Anavar, it is not only beneficial for weight loosing, it’s a female friendly substance as well. I started with 5mg per day dosage and lifted it up to 20mg per day. I was also suggested to buy the substances from steroidcentraluk.com because it was and still is a genuine supplier of the substance. I always buy Anavar from them and so far, have not gone through any negative impacts. An expert’s supervision is very much necessary for the purpose.

  • Christina Lung

    I was suffering from excessive body weight since my #childhood. I was around 40 pounds overweight than my required level. After consulting with so many people, I finally started using #Anavar along with my regular exercise routine. And the result was amazing. Now my body weight is absolutely perfect.