Post Cycle Treatment

Be conscious about choosing your post cycle treatment

Each and every steroid has its unique duration of consumption which is called its cycle. Normally, a cycle continues for 6-8 weeks but in few cases it can be stretched out up to 10-12 weeks. But what should the consumer concentrate on when he finishes the cycle? Every steroid user should think of post cycle treatment which is normally abbreviated as PCT.

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Post cycle means when you have completed the cycle successfully. Whatever therapy or treatment you use after the cycle should be focused primarily on stimulating the natural testosterone production. But it is true that it takes time to return the natural production of testosterone how it was before using these anabolic compounds. Here you should note that if you consume the anabolic substances improperly and cause severe damage to HPTA then no PCT is going to help you to resume the natural testosterone production. Without a post cycle therapy it may take even years to recover the natural level and needles to mention that it is very stressful for your physique. Apart from that it may cause various low testosterone symptoms. The perfect time to get introduced with a PCT is when all anabolic uses have come to an end. Remember, if you are going to be off-cycle for just a little while then you should stay away from a PCT because it can be counterproductive and can cause more stresses to your body.

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