Muscle Strength vs. Muscle Endurance: are they the Same?

A common misconception, many believe that muscle strength and muscle endurance are the same thing – NOT TRUE. Strength refers to the power you have, while endurance means you can perform physical activities over and over for an extended period.   Muscle Strength Muscle Endurance Definition Ability to exert your muscles against resistance Ability to […]

The 5 Major Benefits of Total Body Workouts

For regular gym goers, the plan is to hit the gym six times a week and target a different body part each day. However, for various reasons, not everyone has the time to follow this regime. The good news is there is hope for busy bees like you! If you like training at home or […]

8 Food Tips to Get Shredded Fast

Anabolic steroids will help you get shredded in the soonest time possible – they really do work wonders! Being the wise fitness junkie that you are, I am sure you will not be tempted to forget about the nutritional part of your cutting phase? Set that meal-plan right away with these easy-to-follow tips and fast-track […]

6 Strong Gym-Life Lessons to Live By

Two months in and 2017 should already see you making more noticeable gains… but try not to feel pressured! Whether a beginner or a seasoned lifter, these important lessons will help you to up your ‘training game’ to make more serious gains. They will all be eating your bodybuilding dust! Lesson 1: More Cardio Doesn’t […]

3 Muscle Growth Mechanisms You Should Maximise

Exercise, food, steroids and supplements are not everything you need when it comes to building that godlike physique you have always wanted. You’ve got to apply some knowledge too! While you we are about it; do you know what all those push, pulls and grunts do and how they can make your muscles grow?   […]

Year-End Lessons for a Better, more Muscular You!

You may have learned some good and some bad things regarding your bodybuilding goals this year – be it from the Internet or from your gym ‘brofessors’. Before the year ends, we’d like to help fuel your gains so that a bigger and better you can welcome in the New Year! Do not Train Too […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Common Fitness Myths

Too many lies, myths and misconceptions have been doing the rounds in the world of fitness. If you are new to bodybuilding, you may seek the ‘wisdom’ of seasoned lifters and fitness enthusiasts and take it as gospel. Before you start the next set, discover some of the most common fitness myths and misconceptions and […]

The Importance of HIIT in Your Fitness Program

There is no question that High Interval Intensity Training or HIIT has become one of the hottest programs in fitness today. HIIT is a training method or program that ditches your old and time-consuming low to moderate intensity intervals and transforms them into shorter and faster high intensity intervals. What Does HIIT do to the […]

Decoding the Most Commonly used Steroid and Gym Slang

It is inevitable that some ‘gym slang’ will pop up during conversations with your gym mates – sometimes making it hard for you to understand what they are talking about. To learn some of the most basic terms that are common to the bodybuilding lingo, take a look at the following translations: Common Steroid Terms […]

The Significance of Protein in Bodybuilding

In the world of fitness, ‘protein’ strikes a chord with athletes, gym rats and bodybuilders of all shapes and sizes. Proteins are molecules comprised of one or more chains of amino acids – which are the foundation of our muscles and body (source: Medicine Net). These nutrients are among the most essential components that promote […]