Building back muscle

When you hit the gym, you’ll inevitably endeavour to thrash your goals. Pushing yourself with the right type and amount of training can help to take your physique to the next level. If you want to hone your muscular physique, building the muscles in your back is vital. The back is, essentially, the core support […]

Exercising on holiday

If you’ve got a holiday planned, this will give you the impetus you need to get beach-body ready. While lots of us slow the pace down on holiday, preferring to relax on a sun lounger for a fortnight, others want to maintain their fitness regime during their time away, so they can remain trim for […]

Different types of lifting bars

When you visit the gym, you’re confronted with a wide array of equipment in various shapes and sizes, designed to tone different parts of the body. Knowing how to use an item of equipment is important to ensure your body gains the most benefits from it, but also to prevent any injuries from occurring. Lifting […]

Best Protein Shakes to Purchase for 2018

An increasing number of bodybuilders today are advocating the benefits of protein shakes. Even when you walk round the supermarket rather than a sports or health shop, you will see an array of protein-enriched foods, such as cereals and various flavours of pre-mixed shakes. There are several different types of protein such as soy, milk, […]

Greatest Bodybuilder Physiques

Some of the greatest bodybuilders in the world have achieved inspirational physiques, thanks to sheer hard work and commitment. A combination of strict training programmes, eating the correct nutrition and raw determination is the basis for their ripped physiques and multitude of bodybuilding trophies. It’s not necessarily the case that bigger is better – in […]

Bodybuilding Mistakes to Avoid

When training to be a bodybuilder, it’s important to stick to a safe, sensible training programme that produces results. When people first start out on the road to becoming a bodybuilder, there are a number of common mistakes which should be avoided at all costs. Many of today’s bodybuilders have publicly admitted to having made […]

New Year, New You? This Animal Workout could be for You!

A new workout pioneered by celebrity training gurus Jeff Bell and Carlos Leon is bringing out the animal in fitness fans everywhere. While lizards and crabs may not be creatures we associate with training, Bell and Leon – owners of the famous US gym Belleon – say their Primal Method is at the cutting edge […]

Could new Tech be your new Motivation?

With new state-of-the-art technology creating a positive impact on every aspect of our life, it follows that it can benefit our fitness workouts and training too. In fact, there are a number of new, purpose-built tech gadgets on the market that will improve everyone’s motivation to exercise. Today’s technology – such as activity trackers, GPS […]

Gym Buddy

Health and fitness professionals have long extolled the virtues of having a gym buddy – that special person who will motivate you not to give up when the going gets tough and who will be by your side at workouts, sharing your ups and downs and cheering you on. If you need motivation to persuade […]

Competitive Weightlifting Classes

Dating back to the ancient Greeks who tried to outdo each other lifting stones and bags of sand, lifting weights has always had a competitive element. On an official competitive level, weightlifting has been controlled by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) since 1905. Although early forms of weightlifting competitions didn’t categorise according to a person’s […]