How to get pumped for a Workout

Getting pumped up for a workout can help you to remain motivated, focused and encouraged to stay on track to achieve your desired aims – whether that’s to build muscle, lose weight or just to get fit. Here are some top tips that will have you raring to go!   Establish a routine Once you […]

Machines vs Free Weights

When you hit the gym, should you head over to the machines or stick to the free weights? There are benefits to using both, but ultimately the equipment you use to get fit should largely depend on your individual circumstances.   Machines If you’re new to the gym, machines are a good option to get […]

The World’s Smallest Bodybuilder

Born in Phagwara, India, in 1988, Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev was the world’s smallest bodybuilder, until he passed away at the age of 23, on 13 September 2012.

Glute Exercises for a Perfect Behind

Well-developed glutes will accentuate your curves. However, glutes can become weakened by some of our daily activities, like sitting on an office chair all day – when weak, they will cause back problems which might result in complications when you hit the gym. Here’s what you need to know if you want to develop your […]

Compound and Isolation Exercises: The Right Workout for You

If you want to build your muscles, there are two types of general exercises you can work – compound and isolation exercises. Both workout routines have their own components that bodybuilders can maximise based on their personal goals. So, choosing which to perform is an integral factor, as this will affect your overall training results. […]

The Right Menu for Workout Success

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is a big part of your workout routine, as the food you eat not only provides all the nutrients you need, it also supplies the energy and strength that is essential for your muscles. Discover the significance of a balanced diet and consider our food recommendations for different workout […]

Best Hip Exercises for Runners

While you might be inclined to think that we use our feet primarily for running, this activity also concerns the hips – a stable and flexible hip extension should match the strength of the knees and ankles to enable the key muscles to function properly. To improve your running performance, check out these exercises that […]

5 Underrated Exercises

Regular gym goers will probably already have a set of exercises that they follow religiously; however, they might be missing something out that is very effective. If you aspire to achieve maximum gains, it’s time to break the mould and try these underrated exercises: Pullovers While the risk of shoulder injuries and the thought of […]

Build Strength and Muscles with 5×5 Workouts

An increasingly popular workout method favoured by bodybuilders who like to maximise rest over training, the 5×5 workout is a training method in which your body undergoes a series of muscle developing and strength building exercises – these come in five sets with five repetitions that are only performed three times a week – usually […]

Three Different Types of Strength

As a significant workout goal to complete a fitness plan, increasing muscle strength is one of the main reasons for starting an exercise routine. To attain such a strength-based objective, the specific types of strength must be defined. Explosive Strength Producing the maximum force in a short period of time, explosive strength involves lengthening muscles […]