Calculating Macros

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or bulk up at the gym, keeping an eye on what you eat is crucial. While many people count calories to achieve these aims, in more recent times, calculating macros has become the favoured choice. © udra11 / Adobe Stock   All about macros Macros refer to the three […]

How to Gain a Six-Pack at Home

It’s often the goal of exercisers to blitz the tummy flab and gain a honed six-pack. But, you don’t necessarily need to fork out for an expensive gym membership to get those ab muscles in tip-top shape. There are many abdominal-building exercises that can be performed just as easily at home, with the desired results. […]

Get Ripped!

If you’re new to bodybuilding, you might hear fellow weightlifters talking about getting ripped. What is this exactly, how should you do it, and what workouts can help you achieve a shredded physique? © Mircea.Netea / Adobe Stock   The basics explained Getting ripped is a process by which you reduce body fat so that […]

How to Build your Biceps

There can’t be a bodybuilder in the land who doesn’t want big biceps. These prominent arm muscles define physical strength when wearing a short sleeve shirt. As with any muscle group, there is a wide range of exercises and workouts that target specific muscles . If you want to build and tone your arm muscles […]

Plan your Pre-workout Meals

Eating prior to a workout is often something that causes a great deal of confusion. Should you eat a pre-workout meal at all, and if so, what’s the best option, how much should you consume and when?

Leg Press: How it Works

Knowing how to use gym equipment properly ensures you maximise your exercise opportunities, but crucially, it helps to prevent injuries. Take a trip down to any gym and there’s a good chance you’ll stumble across a leg press. As one of the most effective pieces of equipment for working out the leg muscles, it’s easy […]

The Importance of Eating Breakfast

Breakfast is frequently touted as the most important meal of the day. Yet, surprisingly, recent research suggests that almost half of Britons fail to eat breakfast, often citing lack of time or hunger. Finding time to eat in the morning is really important. The nutrients gained from a healthy breakfast can set you up for […]

Yoga for Bodybuilders?

Traditionally, yoga and bodybuilding don’t intermingle, but an increasing number of weightlifters are recognising the many benefits that yoga can bring to their workouts. Yoga is an ancient exercise from the Far East. There are various types of yoga, each focusing on key movements that strengthen and relax the mind and body. Although it isn’t […]

Steroids vs Supplements

There is often a lot of confusion about steroids and supplements. Many people are unsure of the differences between the two, or even if they are the same thing. This article will help to enlighten you. Steroids and supplements are most definitely not the same thing, although they are often both used by bodybuilders to […]

Should I Exercise after Eating?

Eating the right types and amounts of food is essential for anyone who exercises frequently. It ensures your body is getting the necessary nutrients, and you can achieve your fitness goals. It’s also important to consider when you should eat if you work out. Timing is critical, as eating at the wrong time could cause […]