Choosing the best water bottle for your workout

Whatever type of exercise you do, staying hydrated is key. Having a water bottle to hand is the best way to ensure thirst doesn’t come into the equation during a workout. However, with single-use products heavily frowned upon in this eco-wary age, having a reusable water bottle makes sense. Water bottles vary considerably, so choosing […]

Top foods to relieve sunburn

Health experts confirm that the best way to avoid getting sunburnt is to slap on a high protection sunscreen. But, if you do end up a little red and sore at the end of a sunny day, eating certain foods could also help to reduce any discomfort and inflammation. How’s that possible? Some types of […]

Healthy foods to boost your energy naturally

When energy levels start to flag, you wouldn’t be the first person to grab a coffee or fizzy drink for a caffeine or sugar hit, but these often cause energy levels to spike and then tumble quickly, leaving you more exhausted than before. © Piman Khrutmuang / Adobe Stock Fortunately, there are lots of healthier […]

How listening to music can improve your workout

If you want to get more from your workout, then stick your headphones on and listen to a fast-paced playlist of your favourite tunes. Countless studies suggest that music can enhance your workout performance in several ways. © Jacob Lund / Adobe Stock   The power of music Scientists have been studying the powerful effects […]

Tips to manage stress at work

A little bit of stress is good for us. It keeps us on our toes, helps us rise to a challenge and can even act as a motivator. But, if you start to feel tired, anxious, irritable and unhappy, then it could be a sign that your stress levels are out of kilter. Studies have […]

Top Foods for Healthy Skin

Expensive lotions and creams may promise to give you silky smooth skin, but the best way to support your skin’s health starts from within. Choosing the right foods can leave your skin glowing, soft and supple, blemish free and may even slow down the aging process. Here are some top foods to include in your […]

Ditch the Scales to Lose Weight

Few bathrooms are without a set of scales, and if you’re trying to lose weight, chances are you’ll rely on scales to track your progress. Yet, it’s time to unmask the truth about these weighing machines, and reveal why ditching the scales could be the best move you make for your health. © Andrey Popov […]

Essential Guide to Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are all the rage amongst the keep-fit fraternity, but knowing when to take them, which type to choose and even how, or if, they’re beneficial are frequently asked questions. Here’s all the vital information you need to know about protein shakes. © Syda Productions / Adobe Stock   Importance of protein The body […]

How to Choose the Right Fitness Class

The variety of fitness classes on offer has exploded in recent years. That’s great news if you want to try something different, but not so good if you can’t decide what to go for! Here are some tips to help you choose a fitness class that is right for you. © Bojan / Adobe Stock […]

Confidence Tips for New Gym Goers

For the first-time gym goer, it can be daunting walking into a gym and getting to grips with the equipment. In fact, a survey found that one-in-three people felt too self-conscious to join a gym at all. Even when newbies found the courage to sign up, a third of them were too embarrassed to use […]