New Year, New Body

With the dawn of a new year comes a new set of resolutions, where losing weight usually tops many people’s list of desires for the year ahead. Yet, with over 90% of people failing to achieve their New Year’s resolutions, does this mean the dream of a new body will never become reality?

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With our insightful tips, you can be one of the few to smash your body goal resolutions for the upcoming year.


Be specific

If you want to lose weight this year, you need to be specific with your goals and targets. Vague desires are more likely to flop, so decide how much weight you want to lose and by when.


Be realistic

It will be harder to achieve your body goals and stay motivated if you aim too high from the off-set. Start off small and increase your goals as you gain confidence. Make your goals realistic, achievable and easy to measure.



If you want to lose weight, you’ll find it helpful to keep a diary or schedule of what activities you aim to do and when, to achieve these goals. Planning ahead is key to ensure you stick to exercising or healthy eating regimes.


Stay motivated

It’s not easy to stay motivated when your goals seem so far away, but try to think of the benefits you’ll gain when you reach your desired body weight. If your motivation levels dip, seek support from friends or family. Partnering up with a like-minded pal who has the same goals as yourself will also boost your motivation. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have an off-day at the gym, or you’ve overindulged on the calories, start afresh the next day. Crucially, never compare yourself, or your progress, to others.


Enjoyable exercising

Many people fail to lose weight because they do exercises they don’t enjoy. Just because someone you know lost a ton of weight doing one type of activity, doesn’t mean to say you have to follow suit, or that it will work for you. Importantly, find an activity you enjoy and you’ll be more likely to keep at it.


Take a targeted approach

Lots of us have specific areas of the body that we dislike and want to tone up, so if this is the case for you, find exercises that target that particular part. For example, to fight a flabby tummy, consider burpee exercises, kettlebell swings, crunches or the mountain climber pose.


Healthy diet

While exercising is key to losing weight, what you eat also impacts on whether you’ll shift the pounds or not.

Scrutinise your diet and look for unhealthy food items you could swap for healthier options. For example, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, swap cakes and biscuits for grapes. Fuel up on fruit and veg, and choose slow-release carbohydrates, such as wholegrains, to fill you up for longer.

Eat three meals per day and never skip breakfast – you’ll end up snacking later on and are more likely to make unhealthier choices.

While cutting back on sugar and saturated fat is crucial for losing weight, be cautious of putting a complete ban on these foods if you have a soft spot for them. Depriving yourself creates misery and you’ll eventually cave in, so aim for moderation.

Following these tips will greatly improve your chances of achieving your body goals this year, but for further help, Steroid Central UK offers a wide range of quality products that might just meet your needs.