Machines vs Free Weights

When you hit the gym, should you head over to the machines or stick to the free weights? There are benefits to using both, but ultimately the equipment you use to get fit should largely depend on your individual circumstances.



If you’re new to the gym, machines are a good option to get started. You can easily read the instructions on the machines or watch other users to get the gist of how to operate them correctly. You’ll need more tuition from a trainer if you start off using free weights. Certainly, some gym newbies can find free weight zones intimidating if they’re full of beefed-up bodybuilders who take weight lifting with great seriousness.

Gym Machines

If you want to add resistance to your training programme without the help of a trainer or spotter, you’re better able to increase weight using a machine, without causing injury. However, if in doubt, it’s worth seeking guidance before you pile the pounds onto a machine, as you’re never exempt from pulling or straining a muscle.

Machines are handy if you want to isolate certain muscle groups during your workout sessions. Whilst it’s generally better to give all of your muscles a pump, there may be times when you want to target certain ones – perhaps if other muscles are aching or injured, or if you’ve already honed muscle groups using free weights. Therefore, machines are ideal for anyone recovering from injuries, during rehabilitation or simply if you want a less intense workout on any one gym visit.


Free weights

The beauty of using free weights is that you get a full muscle workout without putting in excessive effort. The functional movements that you make with free weights also better replicate real life scenarios, so they offer a more natural way of training. With a full range of motion, free weights don’t lock you into a certain pattern.

If you only have limited time down at the gym, using free weights allows you to pump more iron in less time, compared with machines. Additionally, machines often tend to get taken up during peak times, so with less people opting for the free weights, it means you don’t have to stand around waiting to use them as much as you might with the machines.

If you want to have some flexibility with your workout sessions, such as training at home as well as down at the gym, free weights are a much more convenient solution. As well as allowing you to train anywhere due to their portable nature, free weights are considerably cheaper to buy than machines.

In reality, using a combination of both machines and free weights makes great sense for all-round fitness and pump potential, but always choose what suits you and the circumstances you are in.

Whether you choose to embrace the benefits of free weight workouts, or if your prefer to head straight for the machines – or even if you practice a bit of both – the effective and legitimate steroid products from Steroid Central UK can help you to perfect that muscular physique you have been working so hard to achieve.