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The use of steroids in the sports field is nothing new in the present time. In fact, the process has been going on for a long time and despite all the difficulties this process is still going strong all the time. Supplying performance enhancing drugs or steroids in the sports field is a very lucrative way of earning some hard cash. And some people are always in the lookout of that situation. You will be surprised to know that other than the normal people, professional sports persons are also doing this. They are either using steroids for improving their physical ability or they are simply selling these elements to the people who need them.

Now, this has become kind of a strong racket which is not very easy to destroy. The advantages and the money involved with this process are hard to ignore for many of the people. And this makes them quite desperate to take any step. In a recent news by the BBC says that former Swansea RFC hooker Dean Colclough has been found producing and supplying a steroidal product named M1T through Dragon Nutrition, an online store which he has been running for a long time. The truth has come in the light by the investigation program by BBC Wales named Week In and Week Out.

The immediate reaction of Colclough was that he was not doing all this knowingly and that he had already sold his business to someone else. However, the past records of this person are not enough to support his claims. Reports also say that he was also banned from the Rugby tournament in the year 2014 by the UK Anti-Doping agency. In such a situation, it is quite possible for him to produce and supply the same things once again. According to the test reports, M1T is a prohormone. Prohormones are known to have the same effects in the body as steroids and also these are extremely potent to some serious side effects.

steroids used vastly in rugby matches

The Drug Control Center of King’s College has also confirmed that the substance as per the chemical structure can be considered as the class C drug according to the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 Schedule 4 part 2. Let’s see what Nick Wojeck of the UK Anti-Doping agency has to say about this, “Basically, prohormones are the same as steroids so they will either have an effect on the body as soon as you ingest it or they will slightly be converted in the body and act as a steroid. So on the internet the use of these names are at all intents and purposes are all steroids.”

The use of steroids has earlier contaminated the spirit and reputation of many sports earlier. Sports persons often buy steroids online to give their physique a much needed boost just before the performance. And because of these sorts of activities by few sports persons, the tradition and the spirit of sports is often dented. This is definitely a very poor advertisement of sports to the young generation who are looking to build their career in sports.

The use of any steroidal substance in the sports field is strictly banned by the UK government. However, normal people can use these supplements for their personal use. But there is a problem for them too. Selling or supplying these supplements through any means is not allowed by the government. This means if you have to buy steroids, you have to show the proper recommendation at the medical store and then only you will be given the element. This may not be a problem for once or twice but young guys who are associated with bodybuilding may find it a bit difficult since they need to buy these substances at a regular interval. Now collecting the recommendation from the doctors regularly is definitely not a good option. So, where to go? The only place to go in such cases is online steroid stores.

buy legal steroids online for bodybuilding in UK

Online steroid stores have become the most reliable and a widely popular source for all steroidal requirements. Normal steroid users which mean persons other than the professional users mostly purchase their required steroids from online steroid stores. This is the most common and the most convenient way of purchasing steroids since users don’t need to show any recommendation or prescription for purchasing steroids from online sources.

Apart from that, online steroid stores offer a number of other advantages while buying steroids. The prime advantage is the opportunity of choosing the preferred element sitting from anywhere in the UK. Most of the reputable steroid stores offer products that are branded and are manufactured by the famous brands. But there is a concern. Since you don’t have to show any recommendation that doesn’t necessarily mean you can visit any steroid store and pick up your required elements. You need to confirm the authenticity of the steroid store first. Once you become assured, you can order for the elements you want. The positive aspect of dealing with a reputable company is that you will get to buy the legit and high quality elements all the time. And most importantly, you can stay free after the purchase; you will not have to bear any burden of purchasing those elements. They don’t disclose the identity to any other person and also you can place the order for any amount of element without even worrying a bit about that.

So, if you have to buy steroids for the physical advantages, you can always buy the elements from online. But you need to be careful with two things. The first thing is the legitimacy of the store and the second one is experienced supervision. At every step of your steroid use, you must consult with an experienced physician.