Learning the Value of Rest Days in Bodybuilding

Value of Rest

While bodybuilding is all about bulking up and lifting heavy weights, one of the most essential aspects to achieve maximum results is rest. Many bodybuilders overlook their rest days, thinking they are just ‘slacking off’; they don’t understand that rest helps muscles to heal and recover and eventually become stronger – helping to further improve bodybuilding performance.

Stick with us and we’ll help you to make the most of your rest days:

Train smarter, rest harder

Training smart means you work hard during your training sessions but be careful not to overwork yourself. If you train more frequently than two days per week, always remember that you should NEVER work on the same muscle group consecutively. Incorporate at least one to two rest days in between to avoid straining your muscles.

Be proactive on your rest days

Rest days don’t necessarily mean you should literally do nothing; you can work on your nutrition and supplementation, while planning out your training program. This way, you can efficiently prepare your body to perform at its highest possible level during your workouts.

Arrange sets for your rest

Although rest days are imperative for bodybuilders, rest durations between exercise sets are equally important. Ideally, bodybuilders should take a rest of around 60 to 120 seconds between each set – as this will afford beneficial effects when it comes to hormonal responses.

Proper nutritional intake

While some people might recommend that you reduce your calorie or carb intake during your rest days, it is not advisable at all. This only makes sense if you’re on a strict fat loss program but if you’re aiming to build as much muscle and strength as possible, it’s actually the other way around.

Prevent overtraining

Perhaps the most essential benefit for bodybuilders, rest days prevent you from pushing yourself too far. By over doing it, you can stress your muscles out. Overtraining can cause a number of emotional and behavioural symptoms such as:

  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Lack of interest to train and enjoy

In some cases, strength training without ample rest can lead to systematic overtraining. This catabolic state results in the excess production of cortisol – leading to a reduction in testosterone and impaired muscle function, which prevents muscular growth.

Some other side effects include:

  • Chronic muscle soreness
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Reduced protein synthesis
  • Rattled sleeping pattern
  • Compromised physical performance

We know how you value your training sessions but you should also give your body the love, attention and REST it deserves… it will thank you for it! So, start prioritising your rest days and buy your steroids from authentic sources online for guaranteed, no-hassle progress and enviable results!