Latest Fitness Trends 2018

When you’re attempting to get in shape, it’s useful to know the current fitness trends so you can stay ahead of your game. Here are the fitness trends that are dominating 2018.



Yoga is eternally fashionable, but it’s the diversity of the various techniques and styles that keeps this exercise firmly on the radar. Yoga continues to be a sought-after fitness trend this year, and when you appreciate its long list of mind and body benefits, it’s not hard to see why so many of us favour it. Whether you’re looking to build muscle strength and endurance or reduce stress levels, yoga caters to everyone’s needs. Look out for the yoga wheel this year; it’s a prop designed to improve flexibility and stamina, but it can also aid in muscle recovery.



Online streaming classes

Can’t make it to the gym? Increasingly, you won’t have to worry, as more training studios are making online streaming classes available to their members, so they can access classes off-site. As digital experiences and on-demand services become part of everyday life, gyms will incorporate online streaming classes to give members greater flexibility.


Functional training

Intensity and load training have been the rage in recent years, and the popularity of HIIT can’t be denied. Yet, this year, there’ll be a noticeable shift away from training intensity to more functional workouts. This will translate as an increased focus on conscious movements and movement quality, instead of pushing the workout boundaries.



Not just for kids, trampolines are increasingly being enjoyed by adults too. As more trampoline parks pop up, and more gyms add trampoline training to their fitness programmes, an increasing number of people will get jump their way through 2018. With health benefits such as boosting muscle strength and endurance, improving coordination and balance, as well as being proven as a more effective exercise than jogging but with less input needed, it’s easy to see why this activity is gaining an army of followers.


Recovery classes

There’s been a growing emphasis on the importance of recovery in-between training sessions, allowing the mind and body to relax and recover. This is often a crucial time for muscle growth and repair, especially if you’re into bodybuilding. To reinforce this trend, more and more gyms are offering what’s known as recovery, rehabilitation or regeneration classes, with meditation, stretching, foam rolling, self-massage or controlled breathing on the menu.


Fitness for older adults

More of us are living to a ripe old age, but keeping fit shouldn’t stop just because we’ve experienced our fair share of birthdays. Older people won’t necessarily have the stamina to keep up with classes aimed at younger generations or they may have specific health problems that need addressing. In 2018 and beyond, more and more gyms will be looking to introduce fitness classes tailored to the needs of an older audience.

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