The Importance of HIIT in Your Fitness Program

HIIT infographic

There is no question that High Interval Intensity Training or HIIT has become one of the hottest programs in fitness today. HIIT is a training method or program that ditches your old and time-consuming low to moderate intensity intervals and transforms them into shorter and faster high intensity intervals.

What Does HIIT do to the Body?

HIIT can effectively kick things up a notch in your health and fitness routines by challenging your body to exert more effort in a shorter period of time. This increases your heart rate during exercise and rewards you afterwards with a faster metabolism, significant weight loss, improved endurance and better strength.

HIIT for Any Level of Athlete and Individual

HIIT is also a good choice for beginners. Ideally, you must already be familiar with the basics of weightlifting, cardio and other kinds of exercises – to minimise the risk of unwanted injuries.

HIIT can positively reward individuals with instant noticeable health and fitness results, where conventional or other traditional methods of training simply cannot.

For athletes, bodybuilders and pros, HIIT brings about faster and better results for their very specific needs – be it for a better athletic performance, a leaner and sexier physique or a stronger muscle output for competitions.

The Benefits of HIIT

Improved Cardiovascular Health and Endurance

This training method can help you to sustain longer bouts or periods of taxing activities with less fatigue, and makes you feel a lot better from the inside!

Faster Metabolism

During your HIIT program or sessions, you force yourself to exert more energy. This signals your body to burn more calories even in idle or resting periods. Plus, it gives you the leeway to eat more of what you want!

Weight and Fat Loss

As you expose yourself to shorter bursts of intense exercise activity, it forces your body to burn fat for energy once you have depleted your energy stores. This makes your body hypocaloric or gives you a caloric deficit – resulting in significant weight loss.

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