How to Gain a Six-Pack at Home

It’s often the goal of exercisers to blitz the tummy flab and gain a honed six-pack. But, you don’t necessarily need to fork out for an expensive gym membership to get those ab muscles in tip-top shape. There are many abdominal-building exercises that can be performed just as easily at home, with the desired results.

six pack

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Vertical leg crunch

Crunches are one of the top exercises for gaining a six-pack, and no equipment is needed to master them. While there are plenty of crunch variations to choose from, one worth including in your routine is the vertical leg crunch. To perform this move, lie on your back with your legs in the air. Touch your ankles with your arms, contracting your ab muscles only. As well as toning your tummy, this move works your core and thigh muscles. To make a difference, complete the pose for 12-16 reps. Performed regularly, you’ll soon notice the fat flee from your belly, with studies showing that the vertical leg crunch can stimulate 116% more abdominal activity compared to traditional crunches.


Bicycle crunch

The beauty of the bicycle crunch is that it works muscles in both sides of the body, so you can expect a proportionate and toned physique, as well as a sculpted back and core. Correct form is essential, however, for optimum results. Lie on your back and raise your knees to a 90-degree angle. Crunch up and twist one side of your body while performing a bicycle movement with your legs. Allow each opposing knee and elbow to touch during each crunch before swapping to the other side. The American Council on Exercise claims the bicycle crunch is the best for achieving a six-pack, so incorporated into your routine, you should notice results in just a few weeks.


Side plank

Plank exercises are in a league of their own when it comes to tackling oblique muscles, but for the most impact, turn to the side plank variation. As well as helping to hone your six-pack, the side plank gets glutes, quads, thighs and hamstrings in supreme shape, and can increase your body’s stability without using weights. By supporting the lower back, this move could also prevent back pain from occurring later in life. There are various ways to perform the side plank, but the basic movement involves lying on your side with your forearm rested under shoulder, and one foot stacked over the other. Raise your hip upwards and hold the pose for up to a minute. With regular practice, you could see a difference in a matter of weeks or months.


Spiderman push-up

Push-ups are notable exercises for targeting the core, triceps and chest, but the great thing about the spiderman variation is that it also adds working the ab muscles into the mix. This is because this movement only provides support on three contact points when you move your leg upwards, thus making your stomach muscles work harder to maintain stability. To achieve this pose, get into a standard press-up position. When pushing down, raise your right leg upwards, so your knee touches your right elbow. Then, bring your right leg down to the starting position. Repeat the same move using your left leg. As the spiderman push-up tones the tummy and many other muscles, you should achieve a full-body superhero physique in next to no time.

With many exercise options, gaining a six-pack outside of the gym is certainly attainable. To keep your body sculpting goals on track, you might also wish to consider the wide range of high-quality products available from Steroid Central UK.