How to Choose the Right Fitness Class

The variety of fitness classes on offer has exploded in recent years. That’s great news if you want to try something different, but not so good if you can’t decide what to go for! Here are some tips to help you choose a fitness class that is right for you.

Fitness class

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Identify your goals

What do you want to get out of a fitness class? Are you looking for something that will target a particular area of the body, such as the tummy? In which case, a belly dancing class or bums and tums could be right up your street. Or, maybe you’re seeking a session where you can tone and stretch in a relaxing setting. If so, yoga could be the perfect option. Alternatively, if cardio and calorie burning are top of your agenda, you might want to consider a dance or spin class, or one that focuses on high intensity interval training (HIIT).


The right environment

Consider the kind of environment you want to immerse yourself in during a fitness class. If you’re looking for a quiet, calm space to chill out and unwind, think yoga, pilates and tai chi classes. Alternatively, classes that are high energy with pumping music are ideal for those who want to feel energised. Dance, aerobics, spin cycling or zumba might, therefore, be your cup of tea. Additionally, if you’re looking for something where you can let off steam, consider boxercising.

The number of people in the class can also influence the vibe, so find out how many attendees can participate. If you don’t want a busy, bustling class, look for one that is only available to small numbers of people.


Appropriate level

Before deciding on a fitness class, consider whether it’s at the appropriate level for you. If you’re new to the activity, a group for beginners is probably a good idea, to ensure you don’t risk any injuries. On the other hand, if a class is too easy you won’t stand to benefit, so opt for an advanced group in this instance.


Complimentary activity

If you already take part in one kind of sport or activity, choose a fitness class that complements this rather than clashes with it. For instance, if you use weights at the gym, taking a pilates or yoga class can help to stretch out those muscles that you’ve been working on.


Fits into your routine

Whatever fitness class you opt for, make sure that it will easily fit into your routines. If your evenings are already filled with commitments, squeezing in an exercise class at this time might prove unrealistic. Choose the time of day when you’re least busy, and see what class options are available – and remember that popular classes can get booked up quickly.


Existing injuries

The type of fitness class you take might be dictated by any injuries you currently have, or any medical conditions. If you have any joint issues, pick a class that keeps the joints supple and conditioned, without contributing to further problems.


Stuck in a rut

If you’ve been finding it difficult to get motivated to exercise, or are bored of your current workout routines, choose a fitness class that will inject a bit of excitement and fun into staying active. This could be something you’ve never tried before, such as a climbing wall class or a Batuka dance class, or a variation of a familiar activity, such as dance or hot yoga.

Once you’ve found a fitness class that takes your fancy, speak to the instructor beforehand to get more information and to answer any queries you may have. You might be able to observe a session before trying it out, so that you know what to expect from the class and the instructor.