How to Build your Biceps

There can’t be a bodybuilder in the land who doesn’t want big biceps. These prominent arm muscles define physical strength when wearing a short sleeve shirt.

As with any muscle group, there is a wide range of exercises and workouts that target specific muscles . If you want to build and tone your arm muscles and keep fat stores at bay, there are a number of ways to make this happen.


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Perfect your form

Correct form is essential, whatever muscle group you challenge. When working the biceps, avoid leaning forwards or backwards when lifting weights, as this puts pressure on joints and tendons rather than the biceps. It might even lead to injury. Keep movements slow and steady, and squeeze your biceps to effectively stimulate the fast twitch fibres in these muscles. When performing curls, don’t let your elbows drift or move forward; keep them locked at your sides to exert maximum pressure on your biceps.

It’s a good idea to get expert advice before working the bicep muscles, so you get your form spot-on from the get-go.


Don’t ignore other muscles

Working your biceps alone won’t provide you with the greatest gains, so if you want to build and tone muscle, or lose weight in this area, factor in your triceps and forearm muscles too. Compound exercises that target all parts of the arm will also ensure muscle growth is proportionate. Good exercises to try include the military press, dips or the close grip bench press.

As well as focusing on your triceps and forearm muscles, bring rotator cuff exercises into the equation for maximum bicep growth potential. Experts highly recommend the reverse grip bicep curl to work these supporting muscles.


It’s not all about bicep curls

Building bicep muscles is far more than just hammering out the bicep curls. In fact, if you want to boost arm growth, add compound exercises like deadlifts and squats to your routine, as these work the arms indirectly.


Don’t overdo it

Rest in-between training is important for growth and repair when targeting any muscle, but it’s especially crucial for anyone wanting to build biceps. These are small muscles that can easily get damaged, so aim for around 20-30 minutes complete focus per week. Remember, many other exercises will give the biceps a hit indirectly. Short bursts of HIIT exercises are also ideal for honing bulging biceps, as they target fast twitch or large muscle fibres. In many cases, bicep exercises can be performed at home without necessarily needing to visit the gym, with press-ups and pull-ups being worthy exercises to try.


Eat for muscle growth

You won’t achieve bulky biceps by pumping them alone. You need to gain weight to increase muscle mass, and fuelling up on protein and healthy carbs is key to achieving this. As a rough guideline, for every inch you want to add to your arms, you need to increase your weight by around 15lb.

Following these tips lets you build killer biceps. For an additional helping hand to hone those muscles, why not give the high-quality, affordable steroid products from Steroid Central UK a try?