Gym Buddy

Health and fitness professionals have long extolled the virtues of having a gym buddy – that special person who will motivate you not to give up when the going gets tough and who will be by your side at workouts, sharing your ups and downs and cheering you on.

If you need motivation to persuade you to start working out – or to return to the gym after time out – a fitness buddy could provide the boost you need to get you back on track. If you have someone going to classes and workouts with you, you’re more likely to turn up.

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What’s more, surveys show you’re likely to spend longer working out with a gym buddy, not only because the experience is more enjoyable, but also because you’re depending on each other to keep going and give it your best shot.

Read on to find out the amazing things a gym buddy can do for your health and wellbeing…



A gym buddy will encourage you to keep going and never give up. They will help you to remain focused on your goals and keep striving to be the best. Even at times when you feel like giving up – such as if your weight loss is slower than expected, or you feel tired and lacking motivation when you should be going to the gym – they will spur you on to keep focused.

It follows that you will hold each other accountable. If you plan on training in the morning, you may feel tempted to hit the alarm’s “snooze” button and go back to sleep, rather than hitting the gym. Similarly, if you’re supposed to be training after a hard day at work, the temptation to skip the gym and go home for dinner and a nap instead may be too great to overcome.

However, when you have a gym buddy, it’s harder to get out of going and you’ll have second thoughts about being a “no-show” – after all, you will not only be letting yourself down, so this could be the extra motivation you need to keep you on the right track.


Confidence boost

A gym buddy makes the whole experience of going to the gym less daunting. If you haven’t been before, the thought of walking into a gym and being greeted by lots of people with toned bodies, using rows of high-tech equipment that you don’t understand, can actually deter you from going.

Similarly, even if you take the plunge and join up, some people feel self-conscious working out alone, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the equipment and too shy to ask how to use it. A gym buddy will help you to overcome your nerves – there’s safety in numbers and you can learn together.

Also, once you take the plunge, you will realise that most people who go to the gym are ordinary people trying to keep fit. Having a gym buddy to “hold your hand” as you take the first steps will take the mystique out of going to the gym and it will soon become an everyday occurrence.



It’s more fun working out when you can share the experience with a like-minded person. When there’s someone by your side sharing the setbacks, triumphs, laughter and the ups and downs, the whole training experience is much more enjoyable.

Rather than starting to feel tired and lacking in motivation, you will find a gym buddy by your side to keep you going – and you may find you’re actually enjoying yourself! You will exercise harder and be more honest during your workout. With a gym buddy, you can’t kid yourself that you’ve completed your exercise routine and worked as hard as possible, when you know you haven’t really!

As well as keeping you on the right track, working out with a gym buddy is a pick-me-up – a trip to the gym becomes a social occasion, rather than just an exercise session. It creates a feeling of positivity, making the thought of exercising appealing when you know you’re going to meet up with a friend who makes you smile.

In fact, researchers have highlighted a theory called the “group fit effect”, based on studies that reveal around 85% of members go to the gym twice a week, specifically to take part in group classes, based on a sample 3,000 people surveyed. With all the positives, what are you waiting for? Find your gym buddy and get training for a healthier you!

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