Glute Exercises for a Perfect Behind


Well-developed glutes will accentuate your curves. However, glutes can become weakened by some of our daily activities, like sitting on an office chair all day – when weak, they will cause back problems which might result in complications when you hit the gym. Here’s what you need to know if you want to develop your glutes:

Gluteal Amnesia

The glutes undergo a certain issue called “gluteal amnesia” wherein the muscles are “switched off.” This simply means they forget to work and are left weak and loose. It even happens to those who work out regularly but spend the rest of the day sitting down – or to those who have an injury.

The collective combination of the three gluteal muscles makes them the largest muscle group in the body, so if they don’t work there’s a high probability that other muscle groups won’t work either.

You can test if you have gluteal amnesia by lying down face up with your hands one on each buttock, squeezing them one after another. If you don’t feel them engage or contract, it’s likely that you have gluteal amnesia. You can also spot weak glutes during a workout – tightening hamstrings after deadlifts or step-ups is a clear sign.

The Benefits of Glute Exercises

Working out your glutes brings a number of benefits both to your physical and mental health. One of the prime advantages is the protection of your joints – strains from your hips, knees and ankles will all be avoided. The pressure will be alleviated from your pelvis and your spine. Likewise, a powerful set of glutes improves your posture, which will prepare you for an intense workout.

The Exercises

Some exercises will surely fire up your glutes, but we recommend you do them prior to the workout or between the sets for the most effective results. Remember that an intense burn in your glutes and hamstrings is a clear sign that you’re on the right track!

Glute Bridge

Start by lying face up on the floor with bended knees. Your hands should be placed stagnantly at your sides, palms down. Gradually, lift your torso from the ground with your knees and feet still tightly in position. Breathe in and let your glutes squeeze themselves together. Maintain the form for a while, then revert to the original position.

You can also try a variation: the single leg glute bridge requires a single leg to be raised before the hoisting of your torso.

Side Lying Clam

For this exercise, lie on your left side and bend your legs until they reach your back. Lift your right leg while keeping your body in the same position. Raise your leg up high towards the ceiling, hold for a moment, then return to your initial position.


Find a sturdy bench or stair and begin by stepping up your right foot. With force, bring your left foot up together with the right. Then immediately step down with your right foot, followed by your left foot. You can do 15 reps at a brisk pace.

Add these easy glute exercises to your routine and start flaunting those curves! To further define your rear, buy steroids in the UK from Steroid Central UK!