How to get pumped for a Workout

Getting pumped up for a workout can help you to remain motivated, focused and encouraged to stay on track to achieve your desired aims – whether that’s to build muscle, lose weight or just to get fit. Here are some top tips that will have you raring to go!


Establish a routine

Once you get yourself into a regular routine, you’ll find it much easier to stick at it, and your body will be set in gear to achieve the results you are aiming for.


Don’t exercise alone

Find a like-minded pal and join forces next time you want to work out. Exercising with someone else is a great way to encourage and motivate each other, and you’ll gain social benefits to boot.

Gym Partner


Put a music play list together

Download your favourite tunes and hit the play button before and during your workout to get you in the right mindset for burning some energy. Research has proven that listening to fast-paced music can increase your workout performance and intensity.


Review your goals

Write down what you want to achieve from your workout. This list will be unique to you, and it can include any goals that are relevant. Prior to a workout, particularly if you’re struggling to find the motivation to get going, review your list. Being reminded of your goals will push you on to start your workout feeling determined.


Remind yourself of post-workout feelings

Any form of exercise releases feel-good hormones, and that’s why after a workout you’ll feel positive, revitalised and unburdened from the stresses of daily life. Keep these post-workout feelings at the forefront of your mind before you hit the gym, to remind yourself just how good you’ll feel afterwards.


Get changed beforehand

Switch off from everyday life and put yourself into workout mode by getting changed into your gym gear before you head out. This will get you in the right frame of mind and it will motivate you to really get stuck into it.


Include Omega 3s in your diet

Omega 3s are rich in healthy fats, with good sources including oily fish such as salmon or mackerel, nuts, olive oil and chia seeds. Experts reckon that Omega 3s can boost blood flow to muscles during exercise, combating tension and inflammation. This can improve your performance and help you to stay focused for longer.


Track your progress

Even if you’re having a bad day and you’re struggling to muster up the motivation to get working out, if you look at the progress you have made so far, this can give you the get-up-and-go you need to carry on. Keep a journal recording any statistics related to your workouts, including photos detailing your progress.

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