Exercising on holiday

If you’ve got a holiday planned, this will give you the impetus you need to get beach-body ready. While lots of us slow the pace down on holiday, preferring to relax on a sun lounger for a fortnight, others want to maintain their fitness regime during their time away, so they can remain trim for their return.

There are lots of options for exercising on holiday, no matter where you go, and it’s easy enough to squeeze in a daily workout alongside any other plans you may have during your stay.

Sitting on the beach with weights

Organised packing

If exercising is on your holiday agenda, think about what essentials you’ll need to take with you. A pair of sports trainers will probably be top of the list unless you intend to stick to swimming or other water sports. Find out what facilities will be available at your holiday accommodation or in the surrounding area, so you can decide what’s appropriate to bring. Lugging heavy gym equipment along isn’t convenient, but something lightweight like a skipping rope can be easily slung into a case.


Try something different

A holiday provides a great opportunity to try different sports activities, especially if you’ll be staying in a climate or surroundings dissimilar to back home. If you’re going somewhere warm by the sea, focus your activities on watersports, or if you’re heading to the countryside, choose walking, climbing or horse riding. Switching your exercise activity adds a new dimension to your training routine, allowing you to concentrate on less frequently used muscle groups.


Utilise the facilities/local area

See what exercise opportunities are available at your accommodation and in the local area. If you’re staying in a large hotel, chances are it will have a gym and swimming pool, or some other organised fitness classes or activities.


Getting out and about

A holiday wouldn’t be a holiday without a bit of sightseeing, but instead of being stuck in a car, explore the surrounding area by foot or hire a bike. This allows you to fit in some exercise without compromising on your time exploring.


Plan your exercise

If you plan to exercise on holiday, try to schedule it in first thing in the morning so you’ve got it over and done with and you can enjoy the rest of the day – even just 20 minutes will make a difference. Or, if you’re having an early start sightseeing, leave some time free later on in the evening for a workout session. Remember, you don’t need to do intense training to gain benefits, even gentle activities such as yoga or Pilates can still give your muscles a workout.


If you don’t end up doing as much exercise on holiday as you’d envisaged, take comfort in knowing that giving your muscles a rest is still beneficial for repairing damage and encouraging muscle growth.

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