Eddie Hall: World’s Strongest Man

Going by the name of ‘The Beast’, weightlifter Eddie Hall is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Holding a string of record-breaking titles, Eddie has clearly earned his named as the world’s strongest man. Here’s all you need to know about The Beast.


Early life

Eddie was born in Staffordshire in 1988. From an early age, Eddie had ambitions to become a professional swimmer, but his dreams were thwarted by crippling anxiety and depression that took hold after the death of his beloved nan. Eddie frequently got into trouble with the law and was expelled from school, before starting work as a mechanic.

Eddie’s life changed for the better when he took up weightlifting. Not only did his mental health issues fade away, but he soon realised he was pretty good at it.



Although Eddie’s early goals to become a swimmer were abandoned, he now dreamed of making it big on the bodybuilding scene. His first taste of success came in 2010, when he entered the English Strongman Championships and won first place, by just half a point. A year later, Eddie was crowned the winner of the UK’s Strongest Man show.

Not long after, Eddie set a new national record for the Viking Hold, where he maintained a grip on 40 kg axes for 78 seconds.

Further competitions followed for Eddie, where he gained respectable positions in contests such as Europe’s Strongest Man and the World’s Strongest Man.


Breaking records

Eddie’s weightlifting career reached new heights in 2015, when he set a world record for a 462 kg deadlift. Even better, Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the audience to cheer him on.

The Beast went one further at the 2015 World Deadlift Championships, where he broke his own record with a 463 kg deadlift. But better things were still to come – a year later, Eddie smashed the deadlift record yet again, amassing a staggering 500 kg deadlift, making it into the Guinness Book of Records. So heavy was this weight that Eddie burst a blood vessel in his brain, causing blood to pour from his eyes and temporarily inflicting him with blindness.

This wasn’t enough to put Eddie off competing again professionally, however, as in 2017, he finally won the title of the World’s Strongest Man.


Training and nutrition

Such achievements are only possible with intense training, and Eddie’s fitness regime certainly ensured he made the most of every minute. Working out for four hours each day, six days per week, Eddie focused on exercises that let him build fast-twitch muscle fibres.

A typical week would see him training his legs and biceps one day, his chest and triceps the next, doing strongman conditioning the day after, back and biceps after that, and focusing on the shoulders and calves the following day. In between these sessions, Eddie would add in swimming, hot-cold baths, stretching, meditation and physiotherapy.

In order to pack on the muscle, Eddie would consume over 12,000 calories daily. He achieved this by eating normal meals but increasing portion sizes. However, after topping the scales at nearly 31 stone, Eddie has since shed five stone by adding cardio to his training sessions and fuelling up on protein shakes.

Eddie has since retired from entering World’s Strongest Man competitions, for the sake of his health. His recent career highlights include presenting the World’s Strongest Man programme on television and starring in Celebs in Solitary, a Channel 5 reality show.

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