The Difference between the EZ Curl Bar and the Straight Bar


Arguably the two most widely used pieces of gym equipment for bicep exercises, the EZ curl bar and straight bar are believed to bring the greatest results for the shoulders. While they both have their own special benefits, which of the two is actually more suitable to achieve your desired results?

Here’s a complete rundown of each alternative’s characteristics and where they are best used:


EZ Curl Bar

Straight Bar


Usually weighs around 25 to 30 lbs A typical Olympic straight bar weighs 45 lbs, although a smaller version is available at 35 lbs


Cambered “W” shaped rods with angled parts for gripping purposes


Has straight rods on the end where the plates are placed


Around 3 to 4 feet long

Straight cylindrical rod


Barbells are attached to each end of the rod


Generally, 7 feet long

Hand Positioning

Hands are in semi-supine position, with your palms facing each other


Wrists are slightly rotated and angled

Hands are in full supine position, with your palms facing upwards


Wrists are in a straight position


Overhand based ‘natural’ grip or underhand based ‘reverse’ grip Overhand or underhand grip

Ideal Exercises

Deadlifts – as curl bars keep the weight close to your body


When working with smaller groups of muscles

Bench press – straight bars help to avoid slipping


Squats – since straight bars are stable, they are much safer to use

Both bars are beneficial for working those shoulders out, although straight bars tend to be more versatile – making them a flexible alternative for different purposes. However, the EZ curl bar can be more effective for specific exercises. Pair your workouts with authentic and efficient steroids that you can buy online from Steroid Central UK and see even more impressive results!