Decoding the Most Commonly used Steroid and Gym Slang

Gym Slang

It is inevitable that some ‘gym slang’ will pop up during conversations with your gym mates – sometimes making it hard for you to understand what they are talking about.

To learn some of the most basic terms that are common to the bodybuilding lingo, take a look at the following translations:

Common Steroid Terms and Gym Slang


Short for Anabolic Androgenic Steroids, this type of steroid is synthetically produced; it is commonly found in most androgenic steroids with varying properties and in different amounts.

Serious bodybuilders and powerlifters use AAS products to supplement themselves with hormones that can add power output – leading to noticeable physical results.


This is a state where your body is developing and growing muscles as a result of maintaining the proper training, diet and lifestyle.


A property that defines how androgenic a substance is, this is a key factor to consider if you want to ensure the effectivity of a particular PED.

Bitch Tits

This is the slang term for the body condition called gynaecomastia. It refers to the over development of the gland tissues in the male breasts – a primary side effect of anabolic steroid use.

Blast and Cruise

This refers to an AAS steroid cycle, where the bodybuilder intakes huge doses for a set period of time (the ‘Blast’), followed by a similar period of smaller doses (the ‘Cruise’).

Experts do not fully endorse this approach; as it often leads to serious side effects in the long run.


A process where the body’s muscle mass and tissue goes through damage and breakdown, catabolism occurs in disease, infection, inactivity and inefficient muscle nutrition.

Circuit Training

A kind of training where an individual goes from one short exercise to another in a simultaneous fashion – without resting periods – this program keeps the pulse rate high and promotes a higher calorific burn.


Products that are sold as a ‘legitimate’ brand that are actually fake; they can impose hazardous side effects.


A carefully laid out plan designed by the bodybuilder for when he should take his steroids, the common timeframes for cycles are 8, 10 or 12 weeks.


The slang term for Methandrostenolone, D-bol is popularly used in the taking of oral steroids.


The muscular or strength results that an individual obtains from the hard work of his/her workout sessions are often referred to as their gains.


This is a slang term for steroids or the injecting equipment used. (i.e. “Are you on gear mate?”)

Half Life

Refers to how long the PEDs are active within the body.


Also known as muscle hypertrophy, this involves the increase in muscle mass through the growth in the size of its component cells. This is what bodybuilding training typically promotes and is designed to do.


The slang term for injectable steroids, this term is commonly used by gym rats – i.e. “I bet he is taking juice.


This is the point where experienced bodybuilders are not able to see or feel any progress from their workout sessions or programs.

Progressive Overload

To increase the amount of stress or activity in workouts by adding more weight or reps, most bodybuilders apply this to their exercise programs to avoid plateaus and to reap better results.

Roid Rage

A psychological side effect of anabolic steroid use, where the individual experiences unexpected bursts of anger and irritability, this side effect may vary from person to person.


This refers to the powerlifter’s capacity to lift his heaviest weight in one maximum repetition –  otherwise known as one rep max.

This can help improve overall strength and muscle development for the bodybuilder.


The process involves taking two or more anabolic substances at the same time.


Most commonly known as testosterone, this naturally occurring male hormone is responsible for the male reproductive organs, sperm production and muscle development.

This could also mean products for muscle and fitness purposes like ‘test boosters’ among others.

How to Decode ‘The Talk’

Your first work out session at the gym involves remembering the simple names of the exercises and movements, together with their proper execution. As time goes by, your knowledge in the fitness industry will develop – giving you more familiarity with the many terms and phrases.

If all else fails and there is something you really don’t understand, Google it!!


Now that you are familiar with some of the commonly used bodybuilding terms, it is time for you to hit the gym with more confidence and obtain better gains – with quality oral steroids from Steroid Central UK,  you will surely achieve better results!