Do the Controversies of Steroids and Sports Persons Finally End Up?

After the shocking story of world famous cyclist Lance Armstrong revealed mid of the last year, this year too we have come to know that famous UFC champion Ken Shamrock has finally admitted of using steroids, though he has added that “never used the components inside the ring” but it was enough to fire the misconception once again that using steroids should be banned in sporting fields.

steroids immensely popular among bodybuilders and athletes

So the question rises again that is using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) permitted for sports persons? It may raise the controversy over again but we will not get into that rather we will primly focus on the fact that how much helpful or disadvantageous steroids are?

Consumption of these components has remained always in the debate and new horizons of these chemical substances are being invented every time and the more surprising fact is that whatever contemporary conclusions have come out regarding the usage of these drugs, that has not been able to diminish the popularity of these drugs.

According to a report published by BBC News last year, in the month of October, using steroids for short period of time is helpful for Athletes.

Kristiasn Gundersen, from University of Oslo explained the matter that testosterone helps to increase the number of cell nuclei in the muscle fibers. This helps to gain muscle strength and stamina even after stopping consume steroids.

Primarily it was tested over a number of mice and the result suggested that nuclei are the key to build strength in muscles and the effect stays longer in the muscles. Professor Gunderson believes that it is true for human beings as well.

The prof. also said that, “if it is sufficient to build muscle mass, I think it would be sufficient to give you this long term effect. I think it could last 10 years but I don’t have the data to back that up. It would be my speculation yes”. (Source

If you are still not quite familiar with the use of these components or if you are not regular with consuming steroids, you don’t have to twist your mind much rather you can concentrate on the following brief real-life experience of mine.

Two bungalows resided side by side and were made up by two different construction companies. A major earth-quake damaged one but the other one was merely damaged. Can you find out the reason? Both the houses were made with almost same quality ingredients but what causes the one to collapse? It is the structuring or the construction procedure that helped the other one to sustain even bearing an earth-quake.

I don’t think the matter is much different when it comes to using steroids. Each of the components has some unique features and you will be able to experience that only if you make the proper use of the components. Each steroid have a particular duration of consumption that is normally called STEROID CYCLE, the consumer needs to have detail information regarding the same. Within that period you will encounter the best output of that steroid but after that it would hardly make changes to your physique.

Being a regular consumer, what I should I do after the completion of the cycle?

This question will obviously come into the mind of the consumers. If you are really accustomed with that particular steroid then you can make a perfect STACKING. It is nothing but the perfect mix up of more than one effectual steroid and obviously in a right proportion.

One noticeable fact is that among the two types of steroids that are anabolic and catabolic, the latter type attracts less contradictions or controversies. All the allegations are related to the anabolic type of these compounds. The reason can be made out quite easily. This particular type (anabolic) has the largest use and numerous consumers make abusive uses to fulfill their personalized requirements. But it is absolutely not done. And for this reason, lots of countries have put a ban in consuming these drugs by the sports persons.

You will get to hear different types of stories regarding STEROID USE BY THE ATHLETES or by any sports persons. In the prestigious event like OLYMPIC, the medals of the athletes have been snatched away because of abusively using steroids and concealing the fact from the authorities. In many cases, it is the Coach who should be blamed because that person has made the player consume the drug unknowingly and in rest cases it is the player himself who has committed the mistake.

According to the tested results, the anabolic androgenic compounds have noticeable impacts on the professional bodybuilders and athletes. Among many other advantages provided by these drugs, gaining superb muscles within dramatically short time is like the MOST WANTED one. If I become successful to form a ratio pattern of the steroid consumers, I promise 97 out of 100 users jump into consuming these drug in order to achieve spectacular muscles. The rest ones make use of these components for medical purposes or to burn down the obesity.

Does consuming these substances make all the impressive changes into someone’s physique? Well, what can I comment about that. It would be very unfortunate if someone possesses a concept like this.

The muscular physiques, we normally get to see of many bodybuilders are the result of the practice and disciplined exercise of years. It is a wrong perception that one can achieve well toned and astounding physique by only consuming steroids and without attaining a scheduled exercise regime. The synthetic testosterone helps the consumers to attain a hard core exercise schedule by providing tremendous energy. And a spectacular physique is the ultimate result of this disciplined exercise.

So far we have been discussing only about anabolic steroids. What about the catabolic ones? I guess we should possess equal knowledge regarding the catabolic steroid which is also known as corticosteroids.

It is now known to everybody that decades ago steroids were invented to cater various medical purposes. It served quite well actually. Since the inception, these components and its uses have modified a lot and now steroids have role to play in both medical science and in building impressive physique.

Searching the Google, you will get to go through numerous inspiring stories of athletes and common people as well. They were rejected at the very initial level of their career in which profession they have earned a great success, due physical disabilities. You would get it wrong if you think they were physically challenged or something like that. Weakness was their prime enemy and later they recovered the problem with the help of useful steroids.

However, let’s recoup to the usefulness of corticosteroids.  These substances have a great use to heal various skin issues. To be more specific, this type of steroid heals problems like; skin itching, any poisonous bite etc. These steroids are quite like the hormones generally produced from the adrenaline gland and have the power to fight against the stress and injuries. Below is the list of diseases that can be cured with corticosteroids.

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Autoimmune diseases like lupus or multiple sclerosis
  • Skin issues like eczema and rashes
  • Some types of cancer as well

Apart from that, you will observe a great use of these components to burn down the body obesity as well. Moreover, few components also have the power to demolish the signs of ageing and keep you look younger.

References have been found where it is claimed that the anabolic compounds also help a lot to develop the height. Now, many suspicious pair of eyes will point at me. But remember, I am not claiming that it would increase your height at any age. Of course there is some restriction to that. One thing we all should try to remember that steroids can help you to achieve something but it doesn’t make you achieve the desired thing without putting any effort.

Now, it would be a bit unfair if I do not put some light to the buying part. You must know that buying genuine drugs is as important as making perfect use of them. If I ask which way you prefer to purchase these components? It is definite that I would get a mixed reply. The reason is because numerous people are still fond of purchasing steroids from physical drug stores and millions of others prefer to buy them from a reliable online drug store.

Well, I have to admit that anyone can opt for his favorable buying alternative but there are some facilities or advantages that are very unique in online shopping only. As we have discussed earlier that these substances are legally banned in many countries so you need to protect your identity and only online purchasing provide you the same. Besides that, don’t you wish to apply a shopping method that will save your precious time and hard earned money? To avail these facilities you have to approach a reputed and trustworthy online shopping medium.

At the ending, I would like to drag again the context of Ken Shamrock, the Legend of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) where he has appealed that the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) should be controlled and limited. We should also take a vow that from now on we’ll use these components under the supervision of experts and abiding by the legal aspects as well.

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