Your Complete Guide to Mastering Press-ups


Mastering Press-ups

Among the initial stages of many workout plans, press-ups are widely used due to their simple mechanism. However, they remain underrated because of the misconception they won’t achieve any noticeable benefits compared with other workout methods.

Benefits of Press-ups

  • Targets multiple body parts such as the chest, triceps and hips
  • Assists weight control
  • Stabilises and mobilises the shoulders
  • Burns body fat for a more defined torso
  • Can be practiced anytime, anywhere without using any equipment

Types of Press-ups

Here are some of the most common press-up variations:

Box Press-up

By getting into a press-up position with your hands shoulder width apart, you should then place your knees on the floor, while keeping your back and head in a straight position. Lower your chest into a 90-degree angle, with your feet on the floor.

Diamond Press-up

A variation of a standard press-up with your hands touching together to form a diamond shape, simply lower your body until your chest touches the ground.

Clap Press-up

Start with the standard press-up position. When your chest hits the floor, shoot up and clap your hands while in mid-air before attempting another rep.

One Arm Press-up

Perhaps the most difficult variation. As the name implies, one arm is used to press-up as the other arm rests behind.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

For beginners, make sure you watch out for the following mistakes if you want to achieve maximum results:

× Not Breathing Right

Always breathe. Inhale every time you go down and exhale as you go up.

× Neck and Head Movement

Keep your neck and head straight at all times. Never bop your head on the ground!

× Arching the Back

Do not bend your back, as this will take away the force being built up in the core area.

× Quality vs. Quantity

A thousand reps won’t mean a thing if you aren’t doing them properly in the first place!

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