Building back muscle

When you hit the gym, you’ll inevitably endeavour to thrash your goals. Pushing yourself with the right type and amount of training can help to take your physique to the next level.

If you want to hone your muscular physique, building the muscles in your back is vital. The back is, essentially, the core support for your torso and spine, so not only will strong back muscles give your body the strength it needs, but this can serve as a catalyst for getting other muscle groups into shape.

Back muscle


If you want to build back muscle, deadlifts are imperative. There are different types of deadlift movements that can assist in supporting your back muscles, so get to know your options and learn the technique correctly to avoid any injuries. Deadlifts let you move big weights, so if you’re lifting heavy weights of no more than six repetitions, do these first whilst your body is still raring to go.

Barbell deadlifts are especially popular with bodybuilders, as these are one of the best movements for strengthening and conditioning all of the muscles in the posterior chain.

For those wanting to work the upper and lower back muscles in equal proportions, the bent-over barbell deadlift is one to try. This lift comes with a bigger lumbar load compared to other back exercises, so, again, do this one as early as possible in your workout when your back muscles are fresh.



Pull-ups are one of the best exercises for the back muscles, targeting the shoulders, biceps, upper lats and grip. Wide-grip pull-ups are especially good at focusing on the upper lats. There are many variations of pull-up exercises, so you can adjust your routines without allowing boredom to set in. Always ensure you have good form when starting pull-up exercises, with correct shoulder-joint positioning. With this in mind, you might want to include them towards the start of your workout.


Standing T-bar row

If you’re looking for a fairly easy row that gives your back muscles some oomph, head towards the standing T-bar row at your gym. You can choose a range of hand positions and widths, according to the back muscles you want to concentrate on. Go for a wider grip if you want to target the lats, whilst the rhomboids, traps and teres in the middle back are better suited to a neutral grip. Correct technique is crucial, so keep your legs slightly bent and maintain a flat back.


Reverse-grip Smith machine row

The lower lats get a pummelling when you focus on reverse-grip movements, so add these to your repertoire, preferably about half-way through your workout. Make sure to bend over at 45 degrees and stay close to the bar, and if you’re limited by grip strength, feel free to put on some wrist straps.

Achieving muscle mass in your back demands a wide range of movements. You may also wish to give your back muscle growth a helping hand with the aid of high-quality steroid products from Steroid Central UK.