Build Strength and Muscles with 5×5 Workouts


An increasingly popular workout method favoured by bodybuilders who like to maximise rest over training, the 5×5 workout is a training method in which your body undergoes a series of muscle developing and strength building exercises – these come in five sets with five repetitions that are only performed three times a week – usually over an 8 to 12-week period.

Preparation for the 5×5 workout

The 5×5 workout is a combination of extreme exercises that target multiple muscles and joints. This means the body will require more recovery time due to the draining nature; otherwise, it’ll be counterproductive.

Before trying out the 5×5 workout, make sure you have experience in base training or any similar workout routines so you can conquer fatigue and overtraining.

If you think you’re ready, it’s time to determine the weight that you’ll be using for your 5×5 workout. To find the perfect weight for you, try lifting before you start the program to establish how much weight you can manage.

During your initial week, start with only half of the weight of your choice, then gradually build it up as the weeks go by.

The exercises

To fully attain the essence of the 5×5 workout routine, having a rest day in between the workout days is essential, as this will give the body time to recover before the next routine. Suppose your workout days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – this is an example of the exercise plan you can try:


Barbell Squats – 5×5

Barbell Bench Press – 5×5

Barbell Rows 5×5


Barbell Deadlift – 1×5

Barbell Squats – 5×5

Pull Ups – 5×5

Barbell Overhead Press – 5×5


Barbell Squats – 5×5

Barbell Bench Press – 5×5

Barbell Rows 5×5

Notice that the Barbell Deadlift is only listed with a single set as deadlifting can be incredibly taxing – adding four more sets with five repetitions might cause friction on the body during the remaining workouts. However, you can do up to three sets if you feel that one isn’t enough.

The weekly grind

Your workout mechanics should progress as the weeks go by. By the second week, you should be comfortable enough to add to the weight but if you find yourself struggling, you can always revert back to avoid straining your body. If you can, you should add at least 5 kg per week to your weights – except on deadlifts.

By the middle of the predetermined weeks, you should be able to see noticeable results with your strength and muscle gain.

As the last three weeks are the peak, you’ll have to push harder – albeit with a reduced number of sets. The recommended set and rep is 3×3 during the final weeks but intensity should never be diminished, as the weights you should be handling are significantly larger than the weights you were working in your first weeks.

Other tips

Remember, you should be in good shape before you attempt to perform your lifts and exercises and don’t forget, rest is significant – take a breather, have a day off and sleep as these are essential ingredients to the perfect 5×5 training results.

The combination of this hard-hitting workout routine and adequate rest will help you to achieve the maximum workout benefits. To further aid you in the quest for that body beautiful, buy steroids online in the UK from Steroid Central UK and see a significant improvement in your performance!