Bodybuilding and Steroids


Bodybuilding and Steroids

Bodybuilding and steroids are quite like synonymous. Most of the time these two words are pronounced along with each other and obviously there are few reasons behind this. The purpose of bodybuilding is greatly supported by various steroids. These components promote an attractive muscle growth within a dramatic short tenure, and this feature has attracted huge number of common people to these drugs. A stunning physique provides a very good personality to anybody and you will develop tremendous stamina inside your body by consuming these drugs properly. All the professional bodybuilders take the help of these chemical substances to grow spectacular muscle mass, of course by following a strict exercise schedule.

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Types of Bodybuilding Steroids

Among the two massively effectual forms of steroid, anabolic form is preferred for bodybuilding. This type is functional enough and works effectively to grow well toned muscles. An effective bodybuilding process initially stars with a good protein synthesis system. Through this synthesis, all the fat of the foods will be converted into Protein and Glucose and after that the Glucose will produce energy and stamina. This process is enriched with anabolic steroids. Few anabolic compounds have the efficiency to increase the production of RED BLOOD CELLS which in turn produce fresh Oxygen-rich blood inside the body. For this reasons, anabolic compounds are greatly appreciated by professional as well as amateur bodybuilders.


The usefulness of these steroids

The usefulness of steroids cannot be described briefly. Various types of physical developments are suitably achieved by means of consuming these substances. Whatever your requirement is, if you consume these drugs under the supervision of an expert, brilliant results are easily achievable. These components are available in two different forms which are oral and injectable. The two different forms just focus the different needs of the consumers. Numerous steroids are also used for therapeutic purposes and needless to say that the story of success continues here as well. Below is a table that clarifies the two different forms of steroids and their use.


Two     Different     Forms    of    Steroids

Anabolic Steroid

Catabolic Steroid

Promotes enormous muscle growth, helps to produce Oxygen-rich blood inside the body by increasing the number of RED BLOOD CELLS.



Primly used for therapeutic use. Helps to heal various skin related problems like; poisonous bite. Reduces the obesity as well





Now, the below table describes few of the anabolic steroids (can be called bodybuilding steroid as well) and how functional are these components. Go through this will give you a primary conceptual notion about these components.

                                                                                     Few Anabolic steroids

Name of the steroid




Promotes growth of muscle tissue

25-50mg per day


Used by dieting bodybuilders,

200-1000mg weekly


Develop well toned muscle

20-25mg per day



What to expect from bodybuilding steroids?

The process of building well toned muscle mass by consuming steroids is called bulking. If you are making use of bulking agents, you are probably expecting to develop muscle tissues. Remember you cannot pursue two goals like cutting and bulking at the same time. It is not possible practically. If your expectation is realistic and if you are working hard to achieve your desired goal about your physique, you will definitely achieve that and bodybuilding steroid will cut short the duration of your journey noticeably.

Bring these drugs into use by consulting with your physician so that you don’t face any critical and harmful consequence.

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