Benefits of Smoothie Bowls

Smoothies have enjoyed immense popularity for a long time now, but with the recent arrival of smoothie bowls, this twist on the original smoothie is gaining a loyal army of supporters.

The most obvious difference between smoothies and smoothie bowls is that smoothies come in cups as a drink, whereas smoothie bowls are served as a food in a – surprise, surprise – bowl! Smoothie bowls are also much thicker in consistency than traditional smoothies, and with less liquid, they’re more filling.

smoothie bowl

You can add toppings, so as well as the thick, smooth consistency, you get texture from foods such as nuts or seeds.

Making a smoothie bowl is just as simple as a smoothie, but since you get to play around with its colour and texture, some would say it’s that bit more fun.

All smoothie bowls start with a liquid base. Coconut water, nut or cow’s milk, juice or even water are typical examples. Don’t use as much liquid as you would in a standard smoothie.

Next, you will need to add some fruit and vegetables. Popular smoothie bowls include greens such as kale or spinach for iron and fibre, but cooked squash is a tasty option. Frozen berries add a sweetness to the mix and are rich in vitamin C, but for a creamy-like texture and a protein hit, stick a banana in your blender.

Protein is a key element of the smoothie bowl, with options such as hemp or chia seeds, nut butters, whey powders or spirulina all providing the satiety kick that protein delivers. Fats are another nutrient that earn a place in a smoothie bowl, and as well as helping to make you feel full, they assist in the absorption of other nutrients. Always opt for healthy fats in your smoothie bowl, choosing options such as avocado or coconut oil.

Once you’ve whizzed your smoothie and poured it into a chilled bowl, add about 2-4 toppings such as nuts, seeds, oats, granola or fruit.

Offering a wide assortment of vitamins and minerals, smoothie bowls come packed with health benefits. They can be eaten at any time of the day when you require a nutritious fix or even as a meal replacement.

As smoothie bowls are thicker than smoothies, they also fill you up for longer, and unlike drinking a smoothie from a cup, eating from a bowl makes you feel like you’ve had a ‘proper’ meal. They’re great for anyone looking to control their weight, as you’re in charge of measuring portions and ensuring a balanced mix of ingredients goes into the blender.

Since there are so many different options to include in your smoothie bowl, you’re also unlikely to ever get bored with experimenting with the many flavours, and by varying your recipes, you’ll be sure to get all of your essential nutrients.

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