The Beginner’s Guide to Common Fitness Myths

guide to common fitness myths

Too many lies, myths and misconceptions have been doing the rounds in the world of fitness. If you are new to bodybuilding, you may seek the ‘wisdom’ of seasoned lifters and fitness enthusiasts and take it as gospel.

Before you start the next set, discover some of the most common fitness myths and misconceptions and be enlightened by the truth:

No Arnold or Hulk Please

Beginners may worry that they will become some kind of bodybuilding freak when they start lifting weights. There are many approaches and training regimens designed for every fitness goal – and you can always control what you want to achieve.

No She-Hulk

If all you women lifters out there are worrying about gaining muscle in beastly proportions, it has been proved that women cannot gain muscle in the same way that men can. Lifting weights, eating thrice as much and taking injectable steroids is the way to become HUGE.

Just Wanting a Flatter Tummy

No amount of 100-rep sit-ups or crunches can make your gut go away – there is no such thing as ‘spot reducing.’ To reveal noticeable abs, you must make a conscious effort to lower your body fat percentage through exercise and a good diet.

More Workout = Less Fat

This is partly true. Striving to lose more fat does not mean you should be in the gym more often. Take in less calories than you burn for workouts and you will surely combat that stubborn fat!

Cardio Burns More Fat than Weightlifting

Remember that more muscles equal a higher metabolism. The best way to maximise fat loss without sacrificing muscle loss is through balancing a good diet and weightlifting routine. Weightlifting and cardio should go hand-in-hand to achieve your weight loss goals.

Non-sore Muscles Means No Gains

When you don’t feel sore from your workouts anymore, do you start to think that you are not progressing any more…?  NOT TRUE!

Remember that your body learns to adapt to the stress you subject it to. If you are hell bent on pushing yourself towards crazier gains; you need to UP the intensity, increase the weights and supplement yourself with the right steroids.


Now that we have put you straight on some of the fitness myths, you have no excuses! Achieve your goals with the help of Steroid Central UK and always apply the TRUTH to your fitness regime!