Anavar Steroids

Anavar – A familiar name in the world of sports and bodybuilding

The US brand name of the active key component oxandrolone is Anavar. It is one of the most favorable steroids for the athletes and bodybuilders. Long back in the year 1964, this steroid was introduced in the market. Ever since then there was hardly any downfall to popularity of it. Because of its mild anabolic nature this compound can even be safely used on children. One may think about growth problem since a majority of the steroids produce large amount of estrogen that is the main reason of growth stunt. For the same reason women have an average short stature than men. In fact it is one of the key reasons why the athletes prefer this steroid. Too much estrogen in the body develops female characteristics such as formation of breast cells.

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Among the positive aspects this steroid has a large use in various medical treatments where a severe weight loss is seen. Apart from that, promoting muscle growth and treating osteoporosis are also among the advantages of this steroid. As for the athletes and sports persons are concerned, they apply it as an agent for promoting strength in the body and gaining stable muscle mass. Because of its mild anabolic nature, bodybuilders who are fond of bulking muscles don’t prefer this steroid as an ideal option. The regular dosage stays somewhere between 15 to 25mg and considered as sufficient to provide noticeable outcomes. In order to gain even harder and defined muscle look, people often combine it with Primobolan or Winstrol. It is also suitable for woman use.

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