Anavar 50mg

Anavar – An effectual cutting cycle steroid

One of the oldest and most widely used cutting cycle steroids that is known for its capability to slow down muscle catabolism is Anavar. This whole process prevents the muscles from breaking down. It is one of the best choices to the athletes and bodybuilders for the simple reason that it passes live metabolism at a quick pass. This is how it can maintain its effectiveness. Anavar 50 mg is basically the popular brand name for the active ingredient Oxandrolone. By character it is mildly anabolic that has made it usable even in children body for the treatment of growth disorder as well.

anavar 50mg - 60 tablets

This steroid has a good reputation for providing strength and muscle growth. Though, it is a fact that the mild anabolic properties of this steroid make it less idyllic for bulking purposes. Body builders mostly use it for cutting purposes. However, the standard dosage of this steroid stands between 15 to 25mg on an everyday basis. It simply means that 6 to 10 tablets of this steroid can produce noticeable results. Athletes prefer to combine this drug with other anabolic steroids for different outcomes. When it is combined with Primobolan and Winstrol, it provides hard and defined muscular look without storing any extra water in the body. On the other hand, when it is combined with Halotestin or Proviron, it provides favorable conditions for fat decline.

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