8 Food Tips to Get Shredded Fast

8 Food Tips to Get Shredded Fast Infographics

Anabolic steroids will help you get shredded in the soonest time possible – they really do work wonders! Being the wise fitness junkie that you are, I am sure you will not be tempted to forget about the nutritional part of your cutting phase?

Set that meal-plan right away with these easy-to-follow tips and fast-track your way to shredsville!

#1: Don’t Be Fooled

All that packaging and marketing racket on the label is sometimes too good to be true – and the same goes for your steroid products. Additional sugars, preservatives and vitamins in prepacked foods should be avoided – fruits and vegetables are a much healthier source of sugars and vitamins.

#2: Plan Ahead

I am sure you have heard it said that you will likely buy more food when you’re hungry? Well, it happens to be true so make sure you:

  • Fill yourself up before you head to the supermarket
  • Write down in advance what you need to buy
  • Be aware and conscious of the quality of your food choices
  • Be kind to yourself and buy some cheat foods but in small quantities

#3: Start off BIG

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make the most out of it! It must have the perfect balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats – this will help regulate your food intake throughout the day, which reduces the chances of over eating.

#4: All Drinks on You

The beverages that you down could have a significant effect on your gut. So, ditch the coke and try black coffee, BCAA’s or just good old fashioned water!

#5: Minimise the Add-Ons

The sugar in your tea or coffee and the dressings you add to your meals might seem harmless but they will invariably pack on the pounds. Yes, even dressings and mayo on your salad should be avoided!

#6: High Volume Food

Going high in volume is not just for your workout routine; it does exist in dieting, too! Instead of going for a fast food burger, eat two to three pieces of whole wheat bread stuffed with low-fat peanut butter with a side order of chicken tenders and veggies.

#7: Be a Protein Junkie

You know how maintaining a certain amount of protein can help achieve those much-coveted gains… so keep indulging in chicken, beef, whey and other protein-rich foods… but don’t forget the other macros!

#8: Fibre Up!

Fibre should never be taken out of the shredding equation. It maintains and regulates bowel movement, improves nutrient absorption and helps with food satiety!

Sometimes, making a difference is not just about the exercise; how you go about your diet is a huge deciding factor too! Consider the above tips and use the best injectable steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs from Steroid Central UK and you’ll be the envy of your training buddies.