6 Strong Gym-Life Lessons to Live By

Gym-Life Lessons to Live By

Two months in and 2017 should already see you making more noticeable gains… but try not to feel pressured! Whether a beginner or a seasoned lifter, these important lessons will help you to up your ‘training game’ to make more serious gains. They will all be eating your bodybuilding dust!

Lesson 1: More Cardio Doesn’t Mean Better Abs

Spending gruelling hours on the treadmill will not give you shredded abs! HIIT is the way to go when it comes to cardio. It burns more fat and calories and fires up the metabolism, even when you are resting at home.

Lesson 2: Compound Movements are the BEST!

If the bench press is the only main lift you do out of the big three, you’d better start introducing the others into your lifting routine now! These lifts are invaluable staples to your training regimen because they recruit the most muscle groups and increase strength and size more effectively.

Lesson 3: Full ROM or Get Outta Here!

Stopping halfway through the exercise is just cringe-worthy bad! 100% ineffective, it weakens your muscles and joints and does not give you gains – muscle and strength wise! When you don’t reach the sticking point (extended position) and the hardest part (negative) of the exercise movement, you are missing out on the ultimate muscle contraction and muscle fibre damage that is essential to muscle growth.

Lesson 4: De-load every Once in a While

If you are in your 20s, full of testosterone and you just want to go on ‘beast mode’ every day, you need to settle down. If you train 5-6 days a week, your body will eventually give up on you. Try to down the ante every 6-8 weeks. During de-load week, go for lighter weights for all your exercises.

Lesson 5: The Biggest Does Not Mean the Strongest

Aesthetic bodybuilders may have the appearance of more swollen muscles but what you see is the work of sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. It makes muscles appear larger without the strength to match. Not that this is a bad thing but they are just not as strong as those with muscles that pack true power.

Lesson 6: Switch It Up and Go Progressive

Since the body has such an amazing mechanism of seeing extreme workouts as a threat, it is left with no option but to grow bigger and become stronger. Once the body adapts and it becomes used to the same workout routine over a period of several months, muscle growth will cease to occur.

Switch and modify your workouts every 6-8 weeks to shock the body with new stimuli. As for the weight and intensity; progressive overload and shorter resting periods are your best buddies for significant strength and size gains!

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