5 Underrated Exercises


Regular gym goers will probably already have a set of exercises that they follow religiously; however, they might be missing something out that is very effective. If you aspire to achieve maximum gains, it’s time to break the mould and try these underrated exercises:


While the risk of shoulder injuries and the thought of hovering weight above the head might discourage bodybuilders to do this exercise, pullovers are an effective way to build up muscles and strengthen your core. Lie on a bench with either a dumbbell or kettlebell, raise the equipment above your chest and hold on to it tightly. Then, stretch your arms back over your head and return to your original position.

Farmer’s Walk

As the perfect ending to your workout routine, this exercise guarantees posture and grip improvements. Simply carry weights in each hand and walk the desired distance.

Band Pull Apart

This routine will release the pressure from your back – one of its great benefits! Stand firm and hold a resistance band at chest height. With hands at shoulder width apart, slowly stretch the band apart but make sure that your shoulder blades meet.

Turkish Get-Up

Perhaps bodybuilders don’t pay much attention to this routine due to its complicated set up; however, the Turkish Get-Up will help develop strength along your spine and improve stability in your shoulders.

Lie on the floor and hold a kettlebell in one hand with your arm fully extended over your chest. Bend the knee on the same side to a 90-degree angle while keeping your other leg straight – 5-10 degrees away from the midline of your body. Lift the weight while rolling to the elbow on your opposite side – the other elbow should remain locked tight. Raise your hips and sweep the straight leg under your body as you step back and settle on your knee. Bring your torso upright and push to a standing position, while keeping the weight lifted. Slowly lower to the ground.

Goblet Squat

With both hands, hold a dumbbell to your chest while your elbows are restrained at your sides. Slowly squat down until your hamstrings are on your calves. To stand, push yourself up with your heels. Remember that this type of squat helps tone lower body parts, improve core strength and enhance flexibility.

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