The 5 Major Benefits of Total Body Workouts

Total Body Workouts

For regular gym goers, the plan is to hit the gym six times a week and target a different body part each day. However, for various reasons, not everyone has the time to follow this regime.

The good news is there is hope for busy bees like you! If you like training at home or if you can rarely get to the gym due to other commitments, the total body workout is a good alternative.

Flexible for Busy People

Total body workouts only take a short time; allowing you to work out anytime, anywhere and without throwing off your whole daily routine. By training the whole body as one integrated unit, you can stimulate the same muscles in one workout that might otherwise take two or three isolation-based workouts.

Builds More Muscle

Using higher loads and fewer reps is an efficient way to build muscle, although this approach may not provide any extra benefits if you are just going to repeat the same heavy lifts over and over. Unless you are a professional bodybuilder, two sets will do; if your goal is not spot-building muscles, a total body workout will work all your muscles – which is better for you.

Higher Rates of Muscle Recovery

Total body workouts increase muscular recovery rates. Some people aren’t recovering from session to session and that’s why they are not seeing any progress in their workout program, while others might work on the same muscle groups but they are unable to handle back-to-back training. Total body workouts are perfect for those individuals.

Builds Strength Effectively

If getting stronger is your goal, it is vital to perform movements that allow you to use the most weight. Total body movements that require the most effort to execute are compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench press variations. Challenge your body continuously and build on your strength by making these exercises the mainstay in your workout program.

Various Ways to Set-Up

Boredom has a nasty habit of creeping in when you repeat the same activity over and over again. With total body workouts, you can integrate some variations to prevent dull routines, plus they only require lower levels of frequency.

There are so many ways in which you can set up and design total body workouts. It doesn’t require much effort to renew your interest in the program and with the right approach, you will surely maximise your fitness potential! Complete your workout routines with oral steroids from Steroid Central UK and get high quality, authentic products at competitive prices!