5 Great Leg Workouts




Your legs are key to working all the major muscles in your body, so it’s important to do some leg workouts, especially if you aim to increase your muscle size and mass. Leg workouts also help improve your weightlifting and cardio exercise performance, enhancing overall endurance and improving core strength.

Importance of Leg Workouts 

Increase metabolism

Since leg workouts make your muscles grow, this also increases your metabolism – making them an effective weight loss regimen alongside the other cardiovascular benefits that you can acquire.

Add strength

Leg workouts reduce the risk of osteoporosis by increasing and maintaining bone density. They also reduce the stress to bones and joints as the body gets lighter due to weight loss.

Avoid injury

Leg workouts also target your core to strengthen the muscle groups in and around your midsection. This can significantly improve your ability to push, lift and be more flexible.

Enhance athletic performance

Unlike other athletes but particularly runners and cyclists, those who include leg workouts in their fitness regime have an edge over those who don’t –  greater power and endurance enhances their performance.

The following five great leg workouts will help to further boost your muscle growth:

Barbell Deadlift

Perhaps the most effective exercise for building core strength, the barbell deadlift builds unparalleled mass while strengthening all your major muscle groups. This is suitable for rehabilitative and preventative purposes, as it strengthens your entire back.

Barbell Squat

A powerful exercise to enhance mobility and balance, the barbell squat improves the communication between your brain and muscle groups to prevent the risk of falls – making it a great preventive measure for bone fractures. It also creates an anabolic environment to promote body-wide muscle building.

Leg Press

The leg press focuses on your gluteal muscles (gluteus maximus muscles and hamstrings) through developing hypertrophy depending on your training. It strengthens the leg bones, knee and hip joints while allowing you to concentrate on lifting and lowering weights – reducing the risk of back injury.

Standing Calf Raise

A popular strength exercise, the standing calf raise can be applied as a bodyweight exercise using your own body weight or as a weighted exercise using dumbbells. It is often used as a rehabilitative exercise for treating an Achilles tear or Achilles tendonitis – as it strengthens the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles to stress on your Achilles tendon.

Since basketball players rely on their calves to jump better, the standing calf raise is a great way to improve performance – through building stronger gastrocnemius and soleus muscles that can increase the vertical jump to as much as 12 inches.

Walking Lunge

If you often do heavy workouts and weight training, walking lunges are the best way to rest your spine. Taking good care of the body parts that other exercises fail to focus on, they give you a symmetrically toned body. Lunges are also very effective in terms of improving the flexibility of your hip and thigh muscles.

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