3 Muscle Growth Mechanisms You Should Maximise

Exercise, food, steroids and supplements are not everything you need when it comes to building that godlike physique you have always wanted. You’ve got to apply some knowledge too! While you we are about it; do you know what all those push, pulls and grunts do and how they can make your muscles grow?

Muscle Mech 1


Get your notebook at the ready, as we educate you on the 3 main mechanisms of muscle growth:

#1: Mechanical Tension

Mechanical tension refers to the load or weight your muscles carry during exercise. When the body is subjected to this kind of tension, the muscles respond in kind by adapting, growing and getting stronger.

One of the best training methods in which to apply this mechanism is through progressive overload. Let your muscles adapt to heavier loads by adding more weights on each set until you max out for new PRs!

#2: Metabolic Stress

Everyone loves the pump that exercises bring, especially that burning sensation upon nearing the end of a set. Sometimes it is called lactic acid build up but more specifically, it is called metabolic stress – the kind of stress that you love!

When you do repetition-heavy exercises with shorter rest periods, this tortures your muscles through metabolic stress, producing contractions that restrict blood flow to the veins – curbing oxygen supply to muscle tissues. To adapt to these conditions, the body changes its hormonal profile and produces metabolites such as lactate and creatine, which stimulate muscle growth.

High volume workouts and shorter resting periods are the key to achieving this muscle growth mechanism.

#3: Muscle Damage

..but not the kind of damage that will put you out of commission for months on end! This mechanism causes micro tears in the muscle fibres. Our ever-intelligent human body fixes these tears by creating new muscle tissues… which equals bigger muscles!

You can maximise muscle damage through new and different exercise programs, focusing on the eccentric or lowering part of the lift (controlled negatives) and tensing the muscles by putting them in a stretched position.

Strategic Workout Structure to Incorporate All THREE

  • Never ever ditch the BIG three: the bench press, squat and deadlift. These exercises focus on mechanical tension, increasing overall strength and stimulating muscle growth!
  • Change up your routine every 6-8 weeks to keep things fresh and to shock the body – for maximum muscle damage!
  • Mix stretching and contraction-based exercises to combine muscle damage and metabolic stress mechanisms.
  • Do isolation exercises where you can incorporate high volume training. Do high reps and keep the rest periods short for that agonising pump!

In most workout programs, you can incorporate at least two muscle growth mechanisms to make the most out of your efforts. Raise the bar higher by incorporating all THREE mechanisms into your workout structure to achieve those massive gains!

All this knowledge won’t mean a thing unless you apply it. Maximise results by buying steroids online from Steroid Central UK and make every rep count!