Three Different Types of Strength

As a significant workout goal to complete a fitness plan, increasing muscle strength is one of the main reasons for starting an exercise routine. To attain such a strength-based objective, the specific types of strength must be defined. Explosive Strength Producing the maximum force in a short period of time, explosive strength involves lengthening muscles […]

No Equipment Chest Workouts

A defined chest is just one of the many benefits of hitting the gym regularly – chest exercises play a huge role and they must be given the utmost focus for maximum benefits. Unlike arm, ab and thigh workouts that mostly require weights, some chest workouts can be performed without the aid of equipment – […]

Your Complete Guide to Mastering Press-ups

  Among the initial stages of many workout plans, press-ups are widely used due to their simple mechanism. However, they remain underrated because of the misconception they won’t achieve any noticeable benefits compared with other workout methods. Benefits of Press-ups Targets multiple body parts such as the chest, triceps and hips Assists weight control Stabilises […]

5 Great Leg Workouts

    Your legs are key to working all the major muscles in your body, so it’s important to do some leg workouts, especially if you aim to increase your muscle size and mass. Leg workouts also help improve your weightlifting and cardio exercise performance, enhancing overall endurance and improving core strength. Importance of Leg […]

The Difference between the EZ Curl Bar and the Straight Bar

Arguably the two most widely used pieces of gym equipment for bicep exercises, the EZ curl bar and straight bar are believed to bring the greatest results for the shoulders. While they both have their own special benefits, which of the two is actually more suitable to achieve your desired results? Here’s a complete rundown […]

Learning the Value of Rest Days in Bodybuilding

While bodybuilding is all about bulking up and lifting heavy weights, one of the most essential aspects to achieve maximum results is rest. Many bodybuilders overlook their rest days, thinking they are just ‘slacking off’; they don’t understand that rest helps muscles to heal and recover and eventually become stronger – helping to further improve […]

Muscle Strength vs. Muscle Endurance: are they the Same?

A common misconception, many believe that muscle strength and muscle endurance are the same thing – NOT TRUE. Strength refers to the power you have, while endurance means you can perform physical activities over and over for an extended period.   Muscle Strength Muscle Endurance Definition Ability to exert your muscles against resistance Ability to […]

8 Food Tips to Get Shredded Fast

Anabolic steroids will help you get shredded in the soonest time possible – they really do work wonders! Being the wise fitness junkie that you are, I am sure you will not be tempted to forget about the nutritional part of your cutting phase? Set that meal-plan right away with these easy-to-follow tips and fast-track […]

6 Strong Gym-Life Lessons to Live By

Two months in and 2017 should already see you making more noticeable gains… but try not to feel pressured! Whether a beginner or a seasoned lifter, these important lessons will help you to up your ‘training game’ to make more serious gains. They will all be eating your bodybuilding dust! Lesson 1: More Cardio Doesn’t […]